05.21.2018 10:17 PM

The writer’s so-called life

Every damn word of this is true. I have felt the sting of the betrayal, as the writer puts it, from both family and friends. You try and put it out of your mind, but you never really do.

However: that wonderful email from a stranger, that kind comment from someone you don’t know, out of the blue on social media? Those can you lift you up to the heavens.

You do it for love, not for money, I always say.

But not much love, either.



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    albertaD says:

    That’s the most accurate account of being a published authour I’ve ever read. The only reason my family has copies of my book is because I gave them copies. Over 20 years later, I have yet to hear what they thought of it.

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    Peter says:

    Oh all right, I’ll go out and buy it. I was already half way there because I’m a sucker for anything described as multi-layered and who doesn’t enjoy relaxing with some gruesome violence after a hard day’s work. I was just waiting to hear whether there were any juicy racy bits to round it all out.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    How ironic that the two that bit are a Conservative and an ex-Conservative. LOL.

    You’re not just the esteemed author of these here musings but also a guy who has our back. How many times have I seen you in action when some jackass decided to push the envelope. That deserves both a thank you and an order!

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