05.22.2018 07:03 PM

This is what paying the Wizard $70,000 a month gets you

The finest political advice in Canada!


  1. Liam Young says:

    I’m failing to understood what’s good about this situation.

    Playing the ‘they’ll sell to kids’ card is a shameful tactic because they’re already contradicting themselves.

    This will ruin them in the election.

    The Wynne way has been arbitrary and highly questionable. Ontario needs leadership that’s not going to hand out licences to best friends and political allies.

    Also, they should have privatized the LCBO LONG before selling off our stake in Ontario Hydro.

    Finally, they should stay out of the pot business. Let the market take over and monitor sales like we do cigarette sales.

  2. Matt says:

    Really don’t see the difference in a Beckers type store selling beer and grocery stores selling it.

    Two Walmart locations around me started selling beer in April. It’s not in a seperate section which I was under the impression it was supposed to be – seperate section, seperate cashiers, only allowed to sell the same hours as the LCBO and Beer Store. It’s in the same aisle as the pop in one of them.

    If corner stores can be trusted to sell tobacco, what’s the big deal with selling beer?

  3. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    This is the icing on the Liberal strategic cake. Trouble is, the icing is made of cement. Sinking fast, baby. Unreal.

  4. We promised beer in the corner stores in the 1985 Liberal campaign. I drafted a flyer saying: “Beer where you want it.”

    That was 33 years ago.

  5. dean sherratt says:

    First why is it that there appears to be no women in MADD, according to my view of the photo. Second, virtually the whole world sells bear and wine in a variety of outlets. Why must Ontario, in this one thing, not evolve from the 1950s?

  6. Bruce M says:

    What the Hell is MADD thinking by getting associated with not just a political party, but a sinking political party? This is how you politicize and diminish a brand.

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