06.25.2018 12:00 PM

Could Scheer’s social media team be any dumber?

No. No, they couldn’t.

Because I’ve been thinking about this. And I think that ⁦Andrew Scheer⁩ attacking ⁦Justin Trudeau⁩ over taking a day off today – the St. Jean Baptiste stat holiday – is one of the stupidest fucking things I’ve seen in a while.

(And: no wonder they deleted it.)


  1. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Remember how I didn’t subscribe to the view that Trudeau would win easily…this convinces me that you were on target. Even Harper’s PMO was smarter than this, despite the revolving door.

  2. the salamander horde says:

    .. well, in fairness, Andrew Scheer & his war room et al have to find something for his daily smarm & mealy message on Twitter. I had hoped they studied the CSA specs for swing sets and came up with something like this

    ‘The PM will not inform Parliament if the swings, slides & climbing bars etc will allow playground dirt to accumulate on Christian children only. The CPC, after being elected will work to ensure Canadian Christian children will not wear jeans, much less get them dirty.. and can engage in quiet, thoughtful, sanitary and constructive play’

  3. Peter says:

    This is the most childish, puerile criticism since progressives demanded the resignation of Bev Oda over the price of a glass of orange juice. I’m sure there is a highfalutin, intellectually sound argument as to why they are completely different, but I’m just a poor, Canadian country boy who has trouble with big words.

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