06.27.2018 07:22 AM

Here’s how partisans react

It’s old news.

It’s fake news.

It’s not news.

And so on, and so on.  That’s what Conservative partisans would say if the wrongdoer was a Conservative Prime Minister.  That’s what Liberal partisans are saying when one of their own is the wrongdoer. Those are the kinds of excuses partisans will always use.

Will you?



  1. Warren,

    They are entirely predictable as they are hoping to get some kind of government job if they are good guys and gals. Ditto for those in opposition.

    Pretty much everyone else wants something from Ottawa: usually government contracts or other work doled out by the feds.

    Then there’s the matter of GIC appointments.

    Need I say anything more? Exactly.

    • doconnor says:

      Partisans don’t need bribes to defend their party. Humans will fight, sometimes to the death, to for thier tribe and expect nothing in return except acceptance.

  2. barn E. rubble says:

    #meToo when it’s convenient and useful. # exceptMe when it’s not so convenient or useful . . . looks good on him.

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