06.10.2018 04:34 AM

Now is the time for all good Canadians to come to the aid of the country


  1. Kenneth Lichti says:

    I wholeheartedly agreed! Fuck’em!

  2. Domenico says:

    Agreed. Thank you Warren

  3. Charlie says:


    And I applaude the many conservatives in Canada who rightfully chided Scheer and his MPs for attacking Trudeau on Trump’s behaviour.

    Overt patriotism isn’t a hallmark of Canadian identity, but standing up for our dignity sure as fuck is and I’d support any PM who has to put up with that buffoon of a septuagenarian that Americans call their President.

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    This government is a relatively Johnny Come Lately to the real hardball tactics required to negotiate an agreement from a position of strength.

    In other words, we weren’t listened to by that not overly impressive PMO until now. They had better make clear to Trump that it’s NAFTA or nothing. He should know what he can do with his bilaterals.

  5. Fred from BC says:

    Oh, wow…

    Sorry, but no. No way in hell will I ever defend the odious and unfair practice of ‘supply management’ (gee, they really make it sound innocuous, don’t they?). Forcing Canadian families to pay *three times* as much for dairy products as the Americans do by artificially inflating the prices? No thanks. Telling small farmers that they are *not allowed* to raise and sell their products? Really? What is this, a communist dictatorship? Nope, not on board with that either.

    The only people that I can see who benefit from this are large farm conglomerates, and I have no sympathy for them.
    They whine about “protecting the consumer” while they suck us dry and laugh all the way to the bank…

  6. Robert White says:

    The Duck is a textbook Psychopath, and I, for one, expect the PMO to unequivocally understand that given the evidenced behaviour we have all witnessed since this raging petulant narcissist has become POTUS. Clearly, The Duck’s parents overindulged his every id impulse as he was supposedly ‘growing up’ in NYC. Frankly, I will have to agree with McCain’s perspective on this one.

    Orange Jesus has to go IMHO.


    • Peter says:

      I disagree. One of the striking things about him is how he defies all those amateur prog efforts to categorize him. A fascist? If so, he’s the first fascist in history whose mass party consists entirely of his kids and their spouses. All the efforts to pin diagnostic disorders from the DSM on him fail because the definition of a disorder is a condition that keeps one from reaching his/her potential–tough to argue about Trump. He is sui generis. The title of Warren’s song might be the closest anybody has got to a scientific technical diagnosis.

  7. C. Fleck says:

    Warren, couldn’t agree more, Trump is dangerous. Very, very dangerous.

  8. Liam Young says:

    My recommendation is that Canada focus on diversify, diversify, diversify. For far too long, we’ve relied on third-parties to fuel our growth. Trump exposes our reliance on the ‘all our eggs in one basket’.

    Now, if only we had a Supreme Court that supported national free trade so we can rebuild our country internally. Perhaps it’s important that we revisit this terrible decision that was made only weeks ago to protect archaic government monopolies.

    • Fred from BC says:

      Most Canadians don’t even know about the existence of inter-provincial trade barriers…but yeah, as long as we still have them we will never be able to compete with other countries as efficiently as we should.

  9. Pedant says:

    This is all manna from heaven for Trudeau’s re-election prospects. Gerald must be so giddy, probably why he hasn’t called anyone a Nazi in the past little while.

    It’s rich hearing Liberals saying that all Canadians must support their stance. I highly doubt any Liberal would have supported Harper in a dispute against Obama. In fact, in one dispute that did occur – the Keystone pipeline – most self-styled progressives in Canada were openly cheering on Obama while he strung us along for years and years on that file.

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