07.19.2018 09:42 AM

Meet the new boss, he’s always been the same boss


  1. Steve T says:

    This is a brilliant mag cover. Right up there with the Der Speigel cover with Trump holding Lady Liberty’s severed head – except the Time cover is less graphic, so it actually resonates more.

    If anyone questions the need for print media, and media in general, these should put those doubts to rest.

    • Fred from BC says:

      This would be a brilliant mag cover from an overtly left-wing publication, but from Time Magazine it’s just sad. I remember a time when they were a serious and respected news magazine that didn’t overtly take sides and did more investigative and in-depth reporting on current issues that the usual superficial, trendy and “gotcha!” type of publications.

      It’s not like we don’t have enough others doing the TDS thing already. What a waste.

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