07.07.2018 10:37 AM

The Internet: a vanity press for the deranged


  1. Matt says:

    I want to see them all figuratively hung by their balls.

    Regardless of political party.

  2. Lance says:


    You know its funny……the older I get the less partisan I find myself getting. I would have thought I would have become more strident as time went on and my hair started greying and the aches and pains came on in the morning……but its been the opposite. Curious LOL

    Captcha – ZZTO…….go figure LOL

  3. JH says:

    Don’t really get why folks are so surprised that something like this would happen with young Mr. Trudeau and I’m doubtful it’s the first such incident. We’ve all grown up in cities & towns where what used to be called ‘the 400’ ruled the roost. Remember when the rich kids from those families could get away with anything and usually did. Still do!
    They felt they were the elites and played that role. Now they’re adults and many still expect to be treated as special and they often are. As are their kids.

  4. doconnor says:

    Not me. I dislike all your writing equally.

  5. crabby says:

    Is that how to know you’re neither Conservative nor Liberal?

  6. the salamander horde says:

    .. there is a wicked psychology essay I have seen about the strange phenomena of ‘partisans’ – It struck me at the time that one could simply substitute ‘religion’ for ‘partisan’ seamlessly

    The classic might be Mormans.. after all a guy a ways back put a bag over his head with some stones in it.. and invented a religion while in the bag, literally. Its now America’s fastest growing religion and its based on sheer fantasy.. and complete invention & fabrication

    If you ever have the time, try to get through ‘Under The Banner Of Heaven’ by John Krakauer.. (Into Thin Air etc) I myself could not complete the book.. its painful.. the idea that Morman murderers thought God spoke to them.. in some special way.. deary me ! Delusional whackos.. and some of them are just across the border, in Canada

    • barn E. rubble says:

      RE: “. . . Its now America’s fastest growing religion and its based on sheer fantasy.. and complete invention &
      fabrication . . .”

      And Scientology? Which is based on sheer fantasy and complete invention and fabrication from a fiction writer who stated as much. But then again, there are those that believe they are eating the flesh and drinking the blood of the Messiah. And that;s considered ‘normal’. Imagine a world without religion . . . Mr. Lennon did . . .

    • doconnor says:

      All religions are complete invention & fabrication. Mormanism is just more recently invented, therefore the source of invention is easier to identify.

  7. Robert White says:

    Partisan zealots do all the work and the non-partisans just sit on their collective arses speculating on all that real work going on.


  8. Angel Martin says:

    Well, this is one conservative who thinks that Patrick Brown –> Doug Ford is a huge improvement.

  9. Samantha Banks-Quills says:

    So, the core of the story beyond the groping & ‘national newspaper’ element is that Trudeau’s policy was “I believe her no matter what.” That policy didn’t apply in his own case. We wanted Trudeau to be consistent on policy but he isn’t, and he just axed other careers on that basis. Face palm!

    Here’s the thing:
    Partisans are not consistent on policy in the long run, BUT they ARE consistent in protecting their leader (within reason).

    Example, Macdonald in 1867 was against free trade. Laurier was for free trade but the US was not interested 1896′ – 11′. Mulroney for it. In 1988, the Liberals were against free trade. Then for it in ’93. 2018, Trudeau was for free trade but the US was engaged in gamesmanship, so tariffs are happening. Policy is malleable, folks!

    Through it all, partisans obey their leader (within reason).

    The whole narrative is just too shareworthy not to get wider coverage. Such an easy article to click on…..therefore:

    What Warren is saying is right, policy consistency in the short run is something a standard politician should adhere to. From a PR standpoint, Trudeau should have done what Warren Kinsella said, thread the eye of the needle. It doesn’t have to be true from Justin’s perspective, but it has to align with his own policy of “I believe her no matter what.”

  10. Matt says:

    All these people attacking you and defending Trudeau might have their hearts broken in the very near future.

    A media outlet is currently fact checking a story that, if it proves to be true, will most likely be the end of Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister.

  11. Matt says:


    If you were advising Trudeau, and in light of the current situation, would you have thought it a good idea for him to happily attend a Stampede Breakfast put on by disgraced Liberal MP Kent Hehr yesterday?

    Because he did.

  12. Jim says:

    A Russian saying
    You are against violence until a mosquito lands on your balls.

  13. Chris says:

    Also had some pretty classic (shakes head) comments too. Great (sketchy) photo op tho.

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