, 08.28.2018 06:35 PM

The people pass judgment on Keesmaat’s secession plan


  1. James Smith says:

    So I wanna give you props for your great article on the neo Nazi menance then I see this puff piece on behalf of Little or Nothing John.
    How many people have you supported become Mayor of Tea Ho?
    Keep the light shining brighter on the Nazis though.

  2. Derek Pearce says:

    As opposed to Ontario California? 😉 Well played sir! Oh well, in this case I’d rather harrumph and be right, it IS a good idea, abeit one that will never happen. Congrats to Mr. Tory on his win. (Also curious how many people were interviewed compared to how many made the cut).

    • Warren says:

      Every single one thought it was stupid. Every one. And you’ve now inspired me to put those all together, because I don’t like your insinuation.

      Well done.

      • Derek Pearce says:

        Happy to help. As I said, practically it’ll never go forward but this city’s relationship with the province is outmoded and dysfunctional. And no govt at Queen’s Park will ever have the cajones to pass a proper City of Toronto act that truly reflects the unique needs & responsibilities that places like Kitchener or Sudbury to not have.

        • Pipes says:

          I think you need to think about the greater implications of this issue. It’s ruinous and belongs on a conspiracy type tabloid.

      • pierre lawayne says:

        Her epitaph will read “Lordy, I hope there were breaks.” 🙂

  3. Peter says:

    The repeated superfluous references to Canada might violate the Clarity Act if the province had one. This all reminds me a bit of a very popular Quebec comedian who used to do monologues in joual during the heyday of separatism in the 70’s, generally to young nationalist audiences. One of his best, loosely translated, went “The English! What is the matter with them? They’re always asking ‘What does Quebec want, what does Quebec want?’ It’s perfectly obvious what we want. We want a free and independent Quebec within a strong and united Canada!”

  4. Jeff says:

    Good ad Warren.

    The members of your fan club from the far left want their girl I guess- even when she says stupid things.

  5. Luke says:

    I do think this is a good ad, although I too noticed the deliberate inclusion of the word Canada and thought it a clever bit of trickery, invoking Quebec separatists in my mind. Didn’t like that part so much l. Anyway, reading your response above about the representativeness of the interviews, I like the ad more still. The best thing? Capturing the body language of the interviewees. Portrays the whole idea as eye-roll worthy, all through the faces of people walking the street.

  6. Matt says:

    So, her new $50 billion transit plan announcement today puts priority on the downtown relief line getting it finished three years sooner than Tory’s timeline.


    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t she against the downtown relief line altogether when she was Toronto’s Chief Planner?

    • doconnor says:

      I doubt it. Pretty much everyone has realised years ago the need for the Relief line. During the last election after Tory came up with SmartTrack he did downplay it.

  7. Tim says:

    Giving large metropolises greater autonomy and powers isn’t unusual, even here in Canada. Montreal has appealed for more autonomy for years and was recently granted greater powers the provincial government (although not to the extent they asked for). Moreover, if you look around the world, many countries make “provinces” or equivalent administrative divisions around large cities all the time.

    I don’t have dog in this race and it sort of feels like John Tory is probably doing a reasonable job, nor would I want more taxes, but in my opinion her idea (of more autonomy for Toronto) isn’t so far fetched. Toronto and Thunder Bay are the same distance apart as London and Budapest. It’s not unreasonable to suggest they might have different needs.

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