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Tory condemns hate rally

For Immediate Release

August 9, 2018

Mayor Tory’s statement on hate rally being organized in Nathan Phillips Square

“Hatred and acts of violence against any identifiable group have no place in this city. I’ve been outspoken on fighting hatred and discrimination in my time as Mayor and I will continue to be. City staff assure me that no permit has or will been issued for any rally in Nathan Phillips Square, regardless of when the hate rally is being organized for. The City, including the Toronto Police Service, is aware a rally being promoted by white supremacist groups and other bigots. City officials and our police will be monitoring any such gathering closely and if laws are broken or if public safety is compromised my expectation is appropriate actions will be taken.”


For media inquiries:

Daniela Magisano



  1. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    I was right up there with Tory until I read those two words : my expectation.

  2. Derek Pearce says:

    This is a good start. Can the city not disallow this completely though? I suppose not.

  3. MikeTO says:

    In all human matters where there are differing sides, each can paint the other as “hateful”. Who is the ultimate arbiter?

  4. The Doctor says:

    Related to this topic, there’s an excellent piece on the BBC News website today which is a multiple first-person account of the Charlottesville rally last year. Very powerful and informative reading, I highly recommend it.

    • Fred from BC says:

      I was skeptical, but went there anyway just to see if the BBC’s reputation for being mostly unbiased was still true.

      To my surprise, there were quite a few people interviewed who have been studiously and very deliberately ignored by almost all of the American media…you know, the very ordinary and unassuming people who were in Charlottesville in the *thousands*, but NOT to support the racists as most of the MSM would have you believe (those would be some of the people interviewed who stated flat-out that they “did not want to share a stage” with the White Power types. Yeah, those people…remember them?). The ones who were there with one very simple message: LEAVE OUR HISTORY ALONE. Stop tearing down statues, renaming bridges and censoring school books. The past is the past, and attempts to rewrite it are futile and insulting.

      Sadly, they were lumped in with all the racists, bigots and white supremacists just to protect The Narrative and keep pushing the divisive strategy of ‘”us vs. them” going as long as possible. Kudos to the BBC for finally giving them a voice (albeit a small one)…

  5. James Smith says:

    Nice to see that “Do Nuth’n John” is doing something-ish. At the same time the person now in the Ontario Premier’s seat thinks there be no reason to support the Toronto Mayor on getting rid of hand guns. I guess on the anniversary of the Charlottesville incident this man will claim that there are good “FOLKS” who have handguns. I can’t wait to see pictures of the the person now in the Ontario Premier’s seat posing with the organizers or the event the Toronto Mayor wants to stop-ish.

  6. Walter says:

    “Hatred and acts of violence against any identifiable group have no place in this city”.

    As far as I know, there are Hate crimes and crimes for violence. I have not heard these people charged with either of these. I don’t really know anything about them, but I suspect a bit more evidence may be required.

    I would suspect that if there is no hate or violence, them maybe they could March.

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