09.26.2018 06:16 PM

About that Trump press conference

…I just did a hit with Brian Lilley on CFRA about it.  He asked me what I thought Donald Trump’s comments about Justin Trudeau meant.

I asked Brian how many seats there were in the House of Commons.  Brian said 338.

“Brian,” said I, “that Trump press conference is going to get Justin Trudeau 340 seats out of 338.  It just re-elected Justin Trudeau.”

Trudeau may not get NAFTA, but he’s getting another majority.

And he has Donald Trump to thank for it.

And now, my impersonation of a beautiful red carnation, blossoming in the garden of my friend, the genocidal North Korean fat guy.


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    gmp480 says:

    I’d be thrilled if you were right. But a week is a long time in politics, as Harold Wilson said, and a year is an eternity.

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    Tony Benjamin says:

    Horseshit. Canadians just are not that foolish. Surprised you are Warren. Trump is so in the right on this and Trudeau (as always) is so in the wrong. There is nothing Trudeau hasn’t tainted since being in office. His only “achievement” will be making a bunch of terrorists rich and doping up the country….well done!!

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      doconnor says:

      You must be one of the 11% of Canadians who support Trump.

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      Ridiculosity says:

      Horse shit? What you’re spewing, Tony, is more commonly known as bullshit.

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      Domenico says:

      Pro-tip: if ever you find yourself saying “Trump is so right” you will probably next find yourself spewing nonsensical horseshit such as “Trudeau ….will be making a bunch of terrorists rich..”

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    Gord Tulk says:

    Blaming outsiders for ones failings has been a very successful political strategy for many politicians in Canada over the years – Danny Williams, Lougheed, Levesque and many others.

    Not surprising that JT is trying to do so with President Trump. I think a better predictor will be the state of the real estate market in the GTA one month before the vote.

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    Peter says:

    Maybe, maybe not. He’s still going to have to convince the electorate he’s making the best of a bad hand. Hardly anyone up here likes Trump, but failure is failure and there is only so far he can play the bully’s victim card. His biggest plus may be that not enough people think Scheer would do better.

    Generally speaking, I think he’s handled this file quite well, but as much as I wouldn’t want Freeland’s job, her mano-a-mano speech was a mistake. The politics down there are extremely polarized, volatile and bitter–they’re making ours look like a lovefest. It is never a good idea for Canadian or any foreign leaders to publicly lecture the Americans on their place in the world on their home turf (just ask Lester Pearson). However irresistible the urge to correct their mistakes and share our famous righteous wisdom may be, we’re not the stronger party here and their ability to cause us trouble is much greater than ours. Canadian leaders who simply can’t restrain themselves about Trump should get it all out on Warren’s blog.

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    Eric Weiss says:

    And every time Conservatives side with Trump against their own country is another nail in their electoral coffin.

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    whyshouldIsellyourwheat says:

    Trudeau was on vacation for most of August, and Freeland was making speeches in DC pledges her fealty to #TheResistance, all the while Pena Nieto and Mexico were double crossing them, negotiating with Trump behind their backs, after Trudeau had naively stood with Mexico, instead of looking out for Canada’s best interests.

    And after the Trudeau had been bragging constantly in the Canadian media about what shrewd Trump handlers they were.

    I know the Canadian media will conveniently forget all this now. Forget the India trip. Forget bin Salman using Trudeau, like Trudeau used Brazeau, as a whipping boy, essentially ending the grand plan for a Security Council seat

    Yes. Trudeau may get re-elected. It will not be good for Canada. This group doesn’t govern. It virtue signals. Constantly. Canada cannot take another four years of that.

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      Derek Pearce says:

      Meh. The Conservatives virtue signal just the same, only about their own pet issues. Office of Religious Freedom anyone? Cancelling the census? Special focus on Maternal Health? (Since they can’t publicly be antiabortion). All parties do it.

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