09.12.2018 07:33 AM

Akin learns about my solo band project


  1. Steve T says:

    I had a similar experience from my daughter’s high school. There was a newsletter sent home which spoke of the teachers’ need for “proffessional development.” One would assume their first development session would be on spelling.

    Good thing we spent so much tax revenue on reducing class size and increasing teacher pay! The benefits to these “proffessionals” is quite evident.

  2. pierre lawayne says:

    How about “The Useless Tattoos” as the best band name evah:)

  3. Matt says:

    Given all the instances of teachers having sex with their students, maybe it wasn’t a mistake. 😉

  4. David_M says:

    Sounds like an opportunity to bribe the educators.
    A few steaks and you to can have an honours student child.

  5. Robert White says:

    Best laugh I’ve had in quite a while. Generating hilarious punk band names used to be a favorite pastime of mine back in the day.

    The Forgotten Rebels would be impressed, DA!


  6. Lou says:

    Warren, upset you didn’t think of that name? Its awesome.

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