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Alleslev fair in love and war

..and politics.

Hands up if anyone has ever heard of this person before.  Anyone?  Anyone? Bueller?

[H/T this funny guy]


  1. Scott Tribe says:

    I do know her.. only because she ran against and beat Jason Cherniak in the 2014 LPC nomination there.

  2. Matt says:

    While I certainly like the optics this creates (it is a little different from the Bernier situation as he left to create his own party as opposed to joining his party’s main opponent) she should probably have yo sit as an independent until the 2019 election or resign and run under the CPC banner in a by-election.

    She won the riding for the Liberals in 2015 by about 1000 votes. Maybe she was hearing anger on the BBQ circuit over th summer and figured a jump to the CPC would save her job.

    From what I know of her she said to be a very smart woman. I know the Liberals specifically wanted her to be project manager of a contract in 2002 and she was parliamentary secretary to the minister of Public Services and Procurement between November 2015 and January 2017. So she isn’t some random backbencher

  3. John W. says:

    Let’s face it just about a every female Liberal gets a shot at cabinet. She didn’t make it. Even demoted from Parliament Sec’t.
    Some problems here we’ll likely never hear about.

    • Pedant says:

      I think anyone who acts like a serious adult would be uncomfortable and alienated within this particular government. Maybe she isn’t “huggy” enough or didn’t like to play dressup games. How do you think Marc Garneau (the man who ought to be Liberal leader and PM) feels surrounded by that lot?

  4. Jack says:

    She has a lot of explaining to do.

    I’m fundamentally perplexed by her logic to cross the floor. Other than the blantently obvious fact that she’s decided to do this with her own electoral future in mind, her reasoning is completely counter logical.

    The CPC and LPC have diametrically different approaches to major files. Neither party has really changed since 2015. How does believe that the party she ran for in 2015, fundraised under and caucused with for 2 plus years, is now so fundamentally incompatible with her views that she feels the need to make this decision?

    She owes her constituents a clear and cogent explanation as to which specific issue she believes the Liberals are wrong on and how the Conservatives have provided feasible alternatives to. Then, she would need to explain why she didn’t feel this way in 2015 about the Conservatives and just ran for them.

    Ultimately it’s impossible not to see this as a decision steeped in cynicism. Her voters will pass judgement on her in the next election, but her bullshit about “oath to country” doesn’t mean shit if she disregards the spirit of democracy for her own self interest.

    Doesn’t matter which direction a floor crossing happens, its rarely ever a decision in which you look like a hero down the road.

  5. Lance says:

    Don’t know her from a hole in the ground, and this changes nothing. However, no matter the Party, I always find floor-crossing stories more compelling when they cross from the Government to the Opposition side.

  6. Sean says:

    she seems very qualified and experienced… probably realized she has no chance of being appointed to the student council cabinet.

  7. Steve T says:

    From a news story about the situation. Thus reinforcing every cynical view about politicians as self-interested liars:

    As of July, when Trudeau was in her riding, Alleslev tweeted that she was “proud to be part of this team” heading in to 2019. And, back in March, Trudeau joined Alleslev at an event at the Stronach Aurora Recreation Complex, which bares the family name of a former local MP who was also a floor-crosser: Belinda Stronach. While there, Trudeau thanked her and a few other Liberal MPs from the area for doing “an incredible job” representing their communities, and said he was “so thankful” to have them on the team.

  8. Jay Park says:

    Fun fact: The person Alleslev beat for the Liberal nomination in that riding? That was Mr. Jason Cherniak. Political junkies from 2005 might remember him.

    Cherniak is many things, but a floor-crosser is not one of ’em.

    • Campbell says:

      I always liked Cherniak. Thoughtful and principled while still being a loyal party man.

      • Philip says:

        Fan of Cherniak’s also, but my spidey-sense was tingling with respect to Alleslev’s bid for that Aurora–Oak Ridges–Richmond Hill nomination.

        I really surprise myself sometimes.

        • James Doohan says:

          Yeah, I figured that they rigged it against him. I don’t think he really fit the profile the party was looking for at the time. Poor guy. Didn’t like his politics, but could see that he was a good and loyal solider for a lot of years.

          Googled him just now, and it turns out he is running for municipal government. Good for him.

  9. Richard Fromm says:

    Maybe, must maybe, she crossed the floor for the reasons she orated in the House of Commons.

  10. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Frankly, I’ve had farts that were more substantive than your average floor-crosser.

    And long past the age of political relevance, my memory goes all the way back to PH or RS.

  11. Matt says:

    Hate to break it to my Liberal friends, but she is not the only Liberal MP that has had discussions with the CPC about jumping ship.

    • Matt says:

      I know of two who are ready to jump, but the Liberals are threatening to release “dirt” on them if they do.

      • Art says:

        I guess you believe everything a right wing mouthpiece tells you. As if someone thinking about jumping would let out beforehand.

        • Matt says:

          Sorry, champ.

          The people who told me are Liberals. There is a lot of anger at Trudeau and Butts in caucus. Believe it. Don’t believe it. Makes no difference to me.

      • Jack says:

        *Guy on internet comment section claims to have inside knowledge regarding possible conspiracy and blackmail.*

        *Guy offers zero evidence to back up his claim.*

        *Guy successfully achieves a sense of self-importance.*

        • Matt says:

          Check with Warren.

          He knows a great deal of what I post is true. He knows who one of my sources is.

          But as I said, believe it or don’t, doesn’t matter to me.

        • James Doohan says:

          This is the same “Matt,” one assumes, who was all over this page with insider knowledge during the grope story.

          Anyone remember Brian-Michel Larue?

      • James Doohan says:

        Not that I’m doubting you or anything, but aren’t you the same “Matt” who was here pretending to have insider knowledge about Trudeau’s groping habits and personal life?

        Are you actually an insider or just messing around with us?

        • Matt says:

          I have posted about the Trudeau affidavits. Warren has acknowledge their existence. Whether they were the basis of his “powerful man in Ottawa” post, I don’t know.

          I have posted there are skeletons in Scheer’s closet too.

          During grope-gate I posted about a few “negative interactions” Trudeau had like a 2011 incident at the U of T, and others with their own stories coming forward and that one woman’s account was being fact checked by a media outlet. Warren confirmed that with a post something like “More than one I’m told”

          Again, Warren knows one of my sources. His signature is on one of the affidavits. Whether Trudeau fanboys want to believe it or not, or just rant I’m full of shit, I really don’t care.

          PS – The groping story? A couple Liberals were involved in that resurfacing.

    • Philip says:

      Matt, why do I have that song “Escapade” running through my head now?

      I’ve had a pair of encounters with Katie Telford in the past which were a bit off-putting (though I’m not always the warmest person either) and wouldn’t be surprised if others in caucus are feeling that way.

      As for anyone else who sets off my spidey-sense, there’s one, but I’ll have to see as concerns raised to me have been fuzzy at best.

      I’ll close on a lighter note: the last time I hit the jackpot was when I predicted the signings of Dave Winfield and Jack Morris in ’92 and then those of Paul Molitor and Dave Stewart in ’93.

    • James Doohan says:

      Hey, I WANT to believe you. I’m no Trudeau fanboy. I just can’t believe that some guy posting on this random political not-a-blog has the inside scoop on all that ails the Liberal party.

    • Pedant says:

      Matt, with all due respect, you say a lot of things here that do not seem to play out. I’m not saying you aren’t truthful (WK would have certainly turfed you otherwise) but it’s worth it to note that rumours and discussions occur all the time and almost never amount to anything.

      I’m sure there are discussions in reverse too, of CPC MPs crossing to the Liberals. I would think is all a normal part of the Ottawa rumour mill.

      • Matt says:

        Well, with respect to Trudeau’s history of “negative interactions” the only way I would be proven right it is if the women come forward and tell their stories or if I out them by releasing their names and details about what Trudeau did to them.

        But I’m not going to do that. Those women and only those women will decide when or if those details are released. And that’s how it should be.

        I despise Trudeau, but not enough to re-victimize the women.

        PS – Just because that media outlet that was fact checking one womans story hasn’t reported on it doesn’t mean they won’t.

  12. BMarcille says:

    Last week’s email was part of the usual royal tour charade which follows every PM visit since JT’s dad held the job. Until the crossing happened, she could hardly refuse the pro forma sycophancy.
    As for why she crossed – it’s a mug’s game. She crossed from government to opposition; against a still-popular PM. That is big.

  13. Sam says:

    Not before this I hadn’t.

    So I did some reading up on her, quite a bit actually.

    She’s an accomplished young woman with an impressive resume. Much more impressive than say, some of the comparative gender-hires Trudeau passed her over for when picking Ministers.

    As they say, narcissistic people tend to surround themselves with lesser people than themselves.

    So there’s that.

  14. Des says:

    I’m not surprised. People who put their names forward are generally those who are committed to country over party. I see her comments in the HoC and believe that she’s one of the more principled of the lot. I mean, she did serve the country in the military. She committed a part of her life to the country then and she does now. We need more of these people. So, as Matt says, I’m not surprised that there could be others that are interested in jumping ship.

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