, 09.27.2018 07:01 AM

An Ontario Liberal speaks

She says it better than I ever could:

I so loathe those people – the ones who (with Paul Martin) destroyed the Liberal Party of Canada in 2006, and the ones who (with Kathleen Wynne) have destroyed the Liberal Party of Ontario in 2018 – I won’t even utter their names.  They are beneath contempt.

Despite receiving literally hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in party and government contracts – and those latter contracts are the ones that the Premier was referring to, by the way, when he said this week that subpoenas are coming – this is the pathetic record of that loathsome crew:

  • the worst-run campaign in Ontario history
  • the worst result for the Ontario Liberal Party in history
  • a rump that doesn’t even have party status in the Legislature
  • a massive, multi-million-dollar debt, one that will now be impossible to pay off
  • a decade or more in the political wilderness – without a leader, without direction, without a hope

That is the record of the Wizard and the Board.  That is what they will be remembered for.

No one should be shocked that they show up at OLP Provincial Council this weekend. So great is their arrogance – so complete is their cognitive dissonance – I would expect nothing else.

Besides, guess where they were right after the Ontario election faded into memory?

They were in New Brunswick – propelling a majority Liberal government to fewer seats and, ultimately, loss.

That, after all, is what they do best.



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    Amy Anderson says:

    So THATs where that insane promise to freeze power rates came from!

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    James Smith says:

    I’m with you on this one. I’ve pretty much performed every job on local Grit campaigns over the years, but these days I’m happy to be a door-to-door canvaser. Mr H is TOTALLY WRONG. In our riding we had a great candidate, who took over from a great minister and the people running our local campaign were smart, worked hard, all under 40 & attracted several key young people to the campaign. But we were sunk by a central party that ran a front runner campaign that never really addressed the ballot question:
    Most people don’t like Ms Wynne.
    I say this as someone who didn’t support her for leadership, but grew to like her a lot.

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    Matt says:

    “a massive, multi-million-dollar debt, one that will now be impossible to pay off”

    Read an article a couple weeks ago that the Ontario Liberals were out fundraised by the Green Party in August.


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    Brenda Huxley says:

    I am seriously looking to leave this “form” of Canada … where children are being taught half-truths (aka lies),
    Diversity is division and deviate. Women have been set back further than ever. Where after 50 years of owning my own property, paying taxes … my land is no longer my own “traditional” land.

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    Robert ScrymgeourP says:

    The Liberal Party at all levels of federal and provincial are full of people who do not society as a whole. They believe that society should be shaped by Liberal values only. Similar attitude that religious group held and practiced on native nations or tribes of North America. Just do what we tell you we know best. This is the attitude of Justin Trudeau and all around them. Liberalism must become a more free independent mindset not this follow the hard. This is why the Liberal Party is doom long term because the do not respect individual mind thoughts and values of individual thought. Example. Recent cross board invasion of Canada. You are a racists if you demand the Government enforce the borders and illegal border jumpers come in thru proper entry points. That what’s when you call Ralph Goodale office and ask them to enforce the border requirements.

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      James Smith says:

      Highjack the thread much?
      Why not add lines about chem trails, fluoride, and the global warming hoax ?

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    Peter de Groot says:

    The Liberals do not respect the hard earned tax dollars entrusted to them. They are arrogant self rightous pigs!

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    Gord says:

    The big question is why do people keep listening to the Wizard? And why does he keep getting trotted out by CBC as some kind of “expert” on elections? Let’s look at the record of the campaigns helmed by the Wizard and his crew, shall we?

    Majority government wins: 1*
    Minority government wins: 1**
    Losses: 3

    * – courtesy of Tim Hudak self-destructing
    ** – courtesy of Randy White mouthing off about judges and the Charter

    Of the three losses (Federal 2006, Ontario 2018, NB 2018), I consider two of them to be two of the worst-run campaigns in modern political history. It’s still amazing to me that the Grits didn’t get obliterated in 2006 with the trainwreck of a campaign they ran.

    How does this guy keep getting hired? Are there that many Martinites in control of party machinery at various levels? I’m not a Liberal (and certainly not an insider) but I do follow politics and campaigns and it is baffling to me.

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