09.28.2018 06:25 PM

“Look at me when I’m talking to you!”

This is extraordinary. And history-making, perhaps.


  1. Fred from BC says:

    There is now talk of the women (two of them, from the feminist group that orchestrated this confrontation) being charged with assault.

  2. Steve T says:

    Wow. Imagine if that had come from the other side. Someone corners Diane Feinstein or one of the other Democrat senators in an elevator, and yells at them in an attempt to intimidate them, so as to drop the allegations against Kavanaugh. Would they be lauded as a hero? I sort of doubt it.

    • Peter says:

      This is what polarized politics looks like. When you persuade yourself you sing with the angels and the other side sups with the Devil, any tactic is justified, even righteous. Those who fret about things like procedure, respect, due process, civility and honesty are wimps from a bygone age. There are some voices who understand what it may mean, but I fear not enough.

      There is no need for anyone to tell me the other side does it too, I’m well aware of that. Indeed, it’s all the rage. Warren may be right that this is history-making, although perhaps not in the way he meant. If you look at what is going on, not just in the States, but throughout Europe and in places like Brazil, there’s a lot of history being made out there.

      • Montrealaise says:

        I’m a baby boomer and I remember how the Vietnam war divided the US, with emotions running very high on both sides. Yet I don’t recall any instance where protesters cornered a politician with opposing views in an elevator and shouted at him, nor do I recall any instance where protestors entered a restaurant where a politician and his family were having dinner and harassed them until they were forced to leave (as recently happened at least twice). These are disturbing times we live in.

  3. Jack says:


    Republicans are taking the vote to the floor knowing that Flake and the other “moderate” Republicans will vote against the confirmation in the end. The cloud of doubt and toxicity over Kavanaugh would be too damaging for the GOP going into the midterms if he is confirmed to the SCOTUS.

    However, if Republicans use his demise as a rally cry to their base, this could really help shore up energy in Nov on the GOP side and save the House and Senate.

    Ultimately, I do not underestimate the cynicism of Mitch McConnell to use Kavanaugh as sacrificial lamb. It is the only thing that makes sense right now given that McConnell didn’t want Kavanaugh to begin with and why Republicans are choosing to ostensibly die on this nominee’s hill.

    • Peter says:

      I think you are right. So does Andrew Sullivan in this excellent piece.

    • Gord Tulk says:

      I think that the FBI will turn up nothing confirming what is already known – their is no conclusive proof of what Ford says re: Kavanaugh being the culprit.

      That will provide the comfort for the few skittish gop senators and red state dem senators fearing defeat in November (flake was talking to them) to confirm Kavanaugh.

      Then we will have a bipartisan approval of Kavanaugh AND a repudiation of the tyrannical left and their #metoo militants.

      A victory for due process and freedom.

  4. Mike Jeffries says:

    This is wrong from several aspects. It is womansplaining and disrespectful! There is no regard for the office of this man. The location is boundary trespassing. There are proper channels for expressing contrary opinions.
    Sexual assault is wrong and I give credit to the senator to want to investigate further out of respect for Dr. Ford.

  5. Eastern Rebellion says:

    The more I see of this insanity, the more I am reminded of “The Crucible”, a play written by the great American playwright Arthur Miller. Welcome to the new McCarthyism folks.

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