09.14.2018 06:41 AM

Star on Keesmaat: “over the top,” “seriously over the top,” doesn’t “move the city forward one iota”

This editorial slams those who have been slamming John Tory – specifically, Jennifer Keesmaat.  Some quotable quotes:

  • Keesmaat’s attacks on Tory “really come down to style far more than substance…Tory doesn’t rage, fists in the air, when he’s angry. That’s simply not his style. He’s a measured speaker…”
  • “Keesmaat has defined herself differently…[to the point] that she tweeted out an over-the-top call for Toronto to secede from the province.”
  • “None of [Keesmaat’s] bluster moved the city forward one iota vis-a-vis the province.”
  • “[Her latest attack, on non-existent secret deals] is seriously over the top. It would be no surprise if Tory didn’t take Ford seriously when he mentioned cutting council in passing, and that certainly doesn’t amount to acquiescing to such a plan.”

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  1. KmmF says:

    Clearly, Keesmaat must double down. The secret meeting is not a narrative: Does she have anyone with instincts in her campaign? James Carville, Lee Atwater, Carl Rove. Study the darkness art of campaigns….

    The Tweet was an emotional reaction, sexist much?!

    It’s the walking back that’s hurts her chances much more. Municipal politics needs anchors to channel voter intensity. No one means ‘secession’, it means selling past the sale i.e. Provincial powers for Toronto. Make a better deal. The threat is enough to change the political discussion to what TO needs: gaining more powers, more leverage in capital markets (enhanced bond raising powers) allows for infrastructure, 75 seats and tax revenue allocated locally rather than in Sudbury etc. That is the antidote to Ford which many in Toronto don’t dig (as I am told).

    Tory is very vulnerable if you can’t tell. The polls don’t reflect the intensity she can channel. She’s really missing out.

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