, 09.07.2018 08:40 PM

Vox populi, Scarborough-style

The people have spoken. Jen should listen.

(The first lady is my favourite.)


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    Matt says:

    While no fan of hers, technically she said she would cancel the one stop Scarborough extension and go back to the original plan of a three stop Scarborough subway extension……. which is a plan she was very much against as Chief Planner.


    “Another item on her agenda is “unsnarling” the transit “mess” in Scarborough. She recommends building out the Scarborough subway to three stops and expanding the Eglinton East component of the Crosstown LRT, adding that 40,000 people live within 11 kilometres of the LRT.”

    To be honest, Tory’s plan or Keesmatt’s plan, I doubt either will ever actually be built.

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    Peter says:

    I’m not sure ten people constitute the vox populi, but at least he didn’t tell them she wanted to remove all funding from Scarborough, Canada.

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    Derek Pearce says:

    When the Scarborough $4 BILLLION (4 bloody billion dollars!!!) 1-stop subway is complete and suddenly people are SHOCKED to hear they don’t have LRT stops anymore and that their commute is now longer because they have to take the bus to the single stop, am I allowed to twirl my moustache and gloat at the ignorant fools?

    $4 billion for less service. Awesome.

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    James Smith says:

    I no longer live in the GTA, but even when I did, I thought that the mayor of TeaHo, Do Nothing or Little John, was off base to support this Doug Ford plan. I resent my Ontario taxes having built one subway to nowhere and think a 2nd $4 billion one, when we in the rest of Ontario can’t get into TeaHo in reasonable time on Public Transit is unreasonable.

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