10.24.2018 06:18 PM

An open letter to Justin Trudeau

What’s your answer, Mr. Trudeau?

OPEN LETTER TO Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from a Canadian, a woman and a victim of harassment by a Liberal politician.

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

I will be brief. I understand that my “file” is at the PMO this week. I was assaulted and harassed by the Milton Liberal candidate Azim Rizvee while he was a candidate in 2015.

I have fought and defeated him in court over the last three years when he sued me to silence me.

Now I understand you are deciding whether or not I deserve an apology. Whether or not the party should block Azim Rizvee.

I was a Liberal for decades. I was and somehow still am one of your staunchest supporters. This situation has broken my heart. This man assaulted me, hurt me, harassed and threatened me. This is not a he said she said situation. There were witnesses and other less vocal victims. I have provided testimony under oath. I have been cross examined, vigorously.

With great respect Mr. Prime Minister, I humbly beg you to stop this man, acknowledge my pain with an apology, and allow me to once again support the party whose values, I have always believed, align with my own.

I am a real person. This happened to me. I have provided the evidence and it has been tested.

Please hear me. I walked past your office today…as my husband and I are in Ottawa (he is a national award recipient this evening). It prompted tears and great emotion to be so near to the place where you are deciding whether or not to believe me.

With my profound respect,


Photographer | Writer | Journalist

Milton, ON


  1. Lou says:

    Birds of a feather. . .. …

  2. Matt says:

    I suspect Ms. Newman may be disappointed.

    Wasn’t Kent Hehr given the green light to carry the Liberal banner in 2019 a couple days ago?

  3. Matt Beatty says:

    Well, interesting article in the sun , Oct/17/21.
    Yes, I do think some one should take up a , either criminal investigation on the PMs, failure to procure vaccine for the public of Canada.
    If the is but only , “One”, obligation first and foremost, by a leader , it should be public protection.
    Failure, do do so is , not excusable.
    I suppose my question is, “why was this not addressed in the debates.
    My point is. If I was a teacher, a police officer, or a parent.
    And allowed foreseeable harm or death to fall upon , a person either in my control or undertaking!
    I am criminally responsible.
    I’ve had many people in my custody, that I new instinctually that I new I was solely responsible for their health, and safety. And of course the public’s as well.
    That all depended on the situation. Which would have priority.
    Sometimes , we just have to bring things down to a common sense , for go the mindful considerations.
    Just the basics.
    If a teacher failure to pull or tell anyone of a fire in the school and children died.
    The are criminally , responsible and would in all likelihood be removed from position of trussed.
    Fair enough I’d say.
    Thank you for your article, proceed with more , please.
    There are many, who are in grief, and many again that were held captive , during this complete failure on the PMs actions.
    Wow, the more you think about that, the more scary it becomes.
    Good on you.

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