10.09.2018 02:59 PM

Beat it

Jen Keesmaat⁩: “We have beat John Tory.”

Uh, no you haven’t.

No you won’t.


  1. Dork in East York says:

    Everything about the campaign feels rushed and disorganized. Sure, they started late, which is fair, for a few weeks, but everything about the campaign, including the branding, policies and copy (apparently) seems awkward and muddled. At this point, I can’t seek JK finishing above 30%, especially with more exciting leftish candidates like Gebresellassi and Climenhaga.

  2. Lou says:

    Wow. She must really want win. Make sure you get out vote. Make sure every counts.
    Typical lefty staff. Turn off the spell check and they’re lost.

    • Campbell says:

      “Typical lefty staff. Turn off the spell check and they’re lost.”

      Are comments like this really necessary? You can see, like the rest of us, that they omitted the word “to”, but that omission wouldn’t trigger any spell- or grammar-check. But instead you make a snide dig calling people who don’t share your politics incompetent. I’d like to think we can be better than that.

  3. James Smith says:

    Fingers Crossed!!
    Would be nice if Do-Nuth’n or Do Little John failed upward to yet another silver spook gig.

  4. James Smith says:

    Sliver Spoon! I have no idea what a silver spook is, but I ain’t afraid of no ghost (of Rob Ford).

  5. Campbell says:

    Like the comment above, this is needlessly mean and insulting. There are ways to support your candidate without nonsensically calling your opponent an “illiterate woman” who is “out of brainpower”. You may not have meant your comment to be sexist, but it sure reads that way to me.

  6. James Smith says:

    I like much of your PoV & insight and that you run this nice place for people to vent on things CDN & Political. So thanks!
    As a fellow Dogan, Grit, former Punk & former resident of NW YYC it’s cool to know that there are people who know how good a Chicken on the Way corn fritter tastes, may know who 10foot Henry was (not the poser who has him today!) & who may have also voted for Karen Gainer.

    But you’re not really good with the Mayor thing are you? I just watched your dude (I almost left off the “e”) and Ms K on the TVO. Man! you are TOTALLY backing the wrong horse for Mayor of YYZ! Her campaign & some of her musings may be a bit off base, but she is the real deal. Mr Tory is; well; not really very good is he? No wonder he needs a war room fella like you. His lack of leadership & vision has been evident, since, like FOREVER! Well, at least since you used to run those quaint photos of the odious Ford’s spanking him with a cricket bat.

    By gosh! if Ms K does not get elected mayor, I want her to go places!

    (Full disclosure, I have a viscera dislike for Mr Tory, who may be a nice fellow, but he just oozes both one on one setting, in a room full of people & on the TV that haughty Rosedale, Orange Order, Hog Town, “listen to your betters & don’t interrupt me whileI’m having Tea at Eaton’s College Street” attitude, I have hated since we moved to TeaHo in the 1960’s from YUL)

    Sorry to say, if we lived in the 416 rather than SW Ontario, I’d be working for Ms K as much as I could. Like I say, I think you’re on the wrong side of this story.

    • Warren says:

      He and his wife came to see Shit From Hell at the Bovine Sex Club. They stayed the whole night and were buying drinks for everyone.

      He came to my birthday party. My Irish relatives didn’t know who he was. He was serving them drinks. Later, they said to me: “Who was that nice guy?”

      Yesterday, I was with him at a political strategy meeting with him and he talked about a council candidate who opposed him most of the time. But he said he wanted to help that candidate, “because he has a good heart.”

      You’re wrong about this guy. He is a good man.

      And he stayed for a whole SFH show. Hell, not even our kids will do that.

      • James Smith says:

        You know him, I defer to that. Despite my crit he does seem to be a nice fella.
        But as an observer of the political retail, I’ve never been impressed with his his actions (or mostly lack there of) in all his public rolls. He always seems to chose not just vanilla policies but artificial vanilla ones.
        Even people I know who are knocking for Ms K admit Mr Tory will likely win but I was impressed by Ms K & my impression of Mr Tory was only reinforced by the TVO performance.

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