10.16.2018 11:13 AM

Governments are stupid


  1. Gord Tulk says:

    I don’t think it’s “encouraging” use to answer what likely has been asked many times.

    • Campbell says:

      I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I agree with you whole-heartedly Gord.

      They aren’t so much encouraging use as they are saying “as you were, everybody!”.

  2. Wayne McDonald III says:

    Ultimately, the consumption in parks will dissipate with the inevitable and very newsworthy spike in bear mauling.

    Never leave your munchies out in the open, folks! Doritos are catnip for brown bears and their ilk.

    Also, yes Canadians do not permission from the Prime Minister to smoke pot or cigarettes. Reducing friction does not mean cats and dogs will be living together, get a grip.

    • Miles Lunn says:

      I also suspect next summer it will be banned as I believe most parks ban smoking in summer months to avoid the increased risk of forest fires as one marijuana or cigarette butt can easily start a forest fire in dry conditions so that probably alone is another reason to prohibit it in parks.

      • Peter says:

        There is a big difference, though. The cool and beautiful people like their pot, but pretty much only deplorables smoke cigarettes these days. Gotta crush those populists, you know.

        I was on a city bus today and about twenty high school students got on at a stop by a school. The bus just reeked of the stuff. I thought, “Oh yeah, this is going to be carefully controlled all right”.

  3. Lou says:

    Does that mean the Bears will have access to medicinal humans? What will be quite funny, I believe is that within a few years, pot will cease to be cool because it is legal. Yoing people tend to gravitate to things they shouldn’t do like booze, sex, and working on NDP campaigns. Now that pot is legal, that tinge of rebellion will be gone.

  4. Governments are neutral. In this case, some public servants are stupid. That is, unless ministerial authority happens to be even more stupid…

  5. Robert White says:

    Brian Mulroney was just appointed to the corporate board of a New York City based for profit Commercial Marijuana Producer/Grower. Just as The Man took over drug dealing in society Mulroney gets appointed to the board of the largest profit producer whilst his progeny writes the regulatory framework to enable her father to collect more bags of money like the old days when he was in on the Airbus shenanigans with Karl Heinz Schriber.

    It’s time for all the children of the 60s to quit pot entirely as The Man moves in for the profit and doubles the street price from the underworld.

    Neocapitalism is as bad as the old stuff, folks.

    Complete sobriety is the new high.


    • Chad says:

      Robert… WTF does capitalism have to do with the Government coming in and regulating pot?!

      The Black Market is capitalism pure and simple. Your ideology is messing with your brain… or maybe its the reefer?

      • Robert White says:

        I’m a Grumpy Marxist, so fuck capitalism, and the greater fools that support it, BuckO.

        You go to your church and I’ll go to mine.


        • Peter says:

          More grumpy than Marxist. Your church is a bunch of curmudgeons. First you were complaining about Ford trying to lower the price of beer and now the price of dope is too high for you. Here’s a little ditty to help you get through your day.

          • Robert White says:

            I have dialup 56k modem connectivity which is too slow a speed for downloading a video from UTube. High Speed Capitalism is too expensive for people that are on Anti-social Assistance or for those that are essentially unemployable due to a lack of teeth & no money to buy any.

            Grumpy Marxism is for everyone that got fucked by Capitalism over the years.


          • Peter says:

            From one senior to another, Robert, don’t succumb to bitterness. There’s no payoff for it. The kids will be fine. Cheers.

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