10.23.2018 09:55 PM

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  1. Gord Tulk says:

    Garbage. Due process. Innocent until proven guilty.

    That is the bedrock of freedom.

    The leftist jamdown against these two fundamentals has cost them the senate and possibly the house. They showed they cannot be trusted to respect basic human rights.

  2. Peter says:

    I’m speechless. It’s not a bad Super Bowl promotion for one of the teams, but I can’t imagine this persuading anybody to do anything they weren’t already going to do, although I can see it reminding some independents how the Dems can turn them off. Isn’t it wise to wait until after the vote before starting the party?

    • Fred from BC says:

      After the stunning realization that the Kavanaugh debacle hurt them, rather than helped them, the Democrats are clearly growing more and more desperate now with each passing week.

      Looks good on them. They want people to recognize that Trump is vile, despicable and untrustworthy, yet their strategy is to act exactly like him? Wow…

  3. Steve T says:

    A very well-produced commercial, but the approach will only appeal to young progressive folks. That is, those people who will already vote Dem.

    It is much too frenetic and flashy for the middle-aged blue-collar swing voter who put Trump into power in 2016. To appeal to that demographic, a better commercial would highlight the lies of Trump; the failed promises (ask a farmer what they think of Trump now); the disgusting attacks on decent Republicans (eg: McCain); and the like. Show Trump for the evil lying dangerous egomaniac that he is. Slowly. Repeatedly.

    • doconnor says:

      Boosting the turnout of young progressive folk is a top priority of the Democrats, and this ad should help do that.

    • Fred from BC says:

      Exactly. And at the same time, show the public why you are the better option by offering some popular, viable policies that might actually help the lower and middle classes. Don’t just ask them to vote against something…give them something to vote *for*.

      • The Doctor says:

        As much as I loathe Trump, I agree that the Democrats have been horrible in the area of actual policy. This was a problem under Hillary and it’s still a problem. Most voters could not tell you a thing about the Democratic platform in 2016. They could tell you what Trump and the Republicans wanted to do. Most US voters would probably tell you that the Dems are in favour of illegal immigration or something like that. The Democrats need to come up with a coherent, marketable platform ASAP.

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    I’m with our host on this. Social media is almost all powerful and this amounts to a Titanic political earthquake. Yes, the media is always the message and this has the power of a universe exploding, if that’s possible.

    No question this will move women in droves. It truly might help as a catalyst to make all the difference.

    Quite simply, superb!

  5. Stephen says:

    Won’t do a thing to make more people vote for the Dems. People in California will love it but beyond that Trump will retain both Houses of Congress. Take that to the bank. The Dems are out of touch. They need to get a good leader. Obama is an ex President….he needs to move on…his appeal is gone. He is painted with the same brush as the Clintons which is not good.

    • Gord Tulk says:

      The Dems need to move the centre. They are doing exactly the opposite- looking more intolerant and socialist than ever.

      The problem is it is almost impossible to walk back virtue signalling such as demanding the trampling of due process and innocent until proven guilty by invoking “you must believe the woman”. This is not the party of Harper Lee anymore.

  6. Gord says:

    Slick, but the definition of preaching to the choir.

    • Warren says:

      It’s GOTV. Obviously.

      • Peter says:

        If that’s the case, I can’t see it either. Surely the message should be dark and serious and emphasize the risks of not voting. How do smiling activists and skateboarding candidates persuade anyone to get out? The message I got was that they’re on an unstoppable roll whatever happens, so why wouldn’t I stay home?

        • The Doctor says:

          Yes, and one of the lessons the Democrats should have learned from 2016 is that they can’t take anything for granted. Turnout being one of them. Their opponent is formidable and very motivated.

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