10.14.2018 07:41 AM

Words have power. Words can hurt. Words can kill.

If there is a causal link established between these two things, there will be holy Hell to pay. As a bare minimum, the writer must be fired.


  1. Matt says:

    For what it’s worth, police friends of mine tell me at this point in the investigation, there is absolutely zero evidence this was an outside individual targeting the hotel because it houses refugees. May just be “run of the mill fire bug”

    Obviously they need to catch the person responsible to know for sure. They have security footage of what appears to be a female walking around the hotel with a white shopping bag that looks like it contains a red gas can.

  2. the salamander horde says:

    .. despicable .. from ms S.A Levy & Sun
    I see Warmington & Goldstein
    have leapt to her defense..

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