, 11.29.2018 09:10 AM

Hate crime in Canada

As the Your Ward News hate trial is starting, this Statistics Canada finding on hate crime is revealing. And important.

It’s not just Trump’s America. It’s happening here, too.


  1. Robert White says:

    The spike in reported hate crimes coincides with Steve Bannon’s worldwide hatemongering campaign that seeks to elevate Make America Hate Again to a universal dog-whistle of Fascism.

    Bannon knows that American exceptionalism is defunct along with ‘manifest destiny’. Theoretically, only a Fascist like Bannon would support Fascism as a viable political movement.

    Once World War Three manifests across the EU Bannon will change his tune and loudly proclaim that America’s manifest destiny is now operational once again due to all those Fascists in the EU and across America.

    Bannon is duplicitous on a global scale.


    • The Doctor says:

      . . . . and speaking of Bannon, over on Breitbart, the party line is that nearly all hate crimes are fake. Or all hate crimes, period, depending on which Breitbart Goober is doing the posting. And they cite as “authority” former Trump White House mouthpiece Sebastian Gorka. The guy who belonged to a neo-Nazi organization, which apparently was no strike against him when the Trump Administration made the decision to hire him. MAGA!

      • Fred from BC says:

        ” . . . and speaking of Bannon, over on Breitbart, the party line is that nearly all hate crimes are fake. ”

        Uh-huh… like that one three weeks ago at Drake University, right? And the 300+ others that have been documented so far?

        • The Doctor says:

          So Fred, is it your view that all hate crimes are fake?

        • Fred from BC says:

          “So Fred, is it your view that all hate crimes are fake?”

          Nope. Left or right, hate crimes are very real and they are not going to go away any time soon. I’m just saying that you should be aware of the large number of documented hoaxes out there now.

          How about you, Doc…do you think it’s okay to fake a hate crime if it makes the current US government look bad? If it “raises awareness” of the problem, and “promotes positive change”…is outright lying okay with you? You seem to accept it from the news media, and you don’t bat an eye when SJWs like the Black Bloc don masks, grab pieces of wood and attack people on university campuses, right?

          I’m still trying to figure out how the liberal mind works. Enlighten me.

          • The Doctor says:

            That’s a nice straw man that you’ve composed in your third paragraph, Fred. Since when did I ever suggest anything that you spew in that paragraph? Get bent.

            It also kills me how right-wingers on this site accuse me of being left-wing or liberal, and lefties on this site accuse me of being right wing. That’s the thing that’s astonishing to me about partisans — they cannot conceive of someone having moderate or centrist political views.

          • Fred from BC says:

            Once again, you start something, then get all offended when I respond in kind. Get over yourself, Doc…

  2. Miles Lunn says:

    I don’t think racism has risen since Trump won, rather Trump has emboldened those who were already racist to be open about their racist views and act on them whereas before many keep quiet. Otherwise he has normalized racist views and that is what is scary.

    • Fred from BC says:

      More importantly, he emboldened the people who aren’t racist but knew that they would be *called* racists for the mere suggestion that maybe, just maybe, research and investigation into better immigration policies might be in the interests of all Americans. The people who believe that it might not be a good idea to allow boys (and men) to use the Girls Washroom at school also have a voice now, as do the ones who think that hiring people strictly on the basis of their race, skin color or gender may result in less than optimal outcomes. Think Free Trade with third-world countries is a bad idea? You can now be heard without fear of intimidation or reprisal.

      Free speech is a key component of the free exchange of ideas, which is the most fair and efficient way to enable progress.

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