12.06.2018 11:03 PM

The honeymoon lasted as long as the wedding


  1. Luke says:

    Interesting. Still on top though.

    I don’t really believe that many would actually vote Liberal were an election happening at the moment — the (presumed, on my part) chaos of the post-Wynne period would be too great to be worth a vote, just yet.

    • Art S. says:

      Yeah, still on top but come 2022 the PC’s will be relegated to third. Repealing the clean water act and getting rid the environmental commissioner will haunt this government for years to come. But hey, getting rid of clean water to own the libs!

    • Jim says:

      Right or wrong, Ontario just elected a party that was in total chaos for the entire first half of 2018. I don’t think that internal party chaos is remotely a factor in voter decisions at this point. In June, they voted resoundly against Wynne. The question is whether Ford will be as broadly hated by voters by the time 2022 comes around.

  2. J.H. says:

    Ekos? Give us a break! Owned by a Liberal party member, donor and adviser. Even CBC dumped Frank because of bias and you have to go pretty far with that bunch, before they get rid of you for being too much of a Liberal gofer.

    • Warren says:

      Oh yeah? What’s your polling firm, anonymous guy?

    • Matt says:

      EKOS, aside from a rouge poll during the campaign that showed the NDP up huge (Graves claimed it was only half a polling cycle and was never meant to be made public) pretty much nailed the final result of June’s election regarding vote percentage and was only a few off in their seat projection.

    • Jim says:

      You are a moron, “JH”.

      Ekos is a reliable pollster. They were almost dead on their their Ontario election polls.


      I’m so tired of partisan hacks who just shoot their mouths off without actually knowing much (or anything) about which they speak.

      • J.H. says:

        Nanos Pollara, Abacus, Ekos etc, are owned by Lib supporters, donors and advisers. With the LPC taint, there’s absolutely no way we can believe in or trust these polls. CBC also uses them in their Poll Tracker so that’s skewed to favor the Libs as well.
        Then there’s also the obfuscation factor with so many folks who lie to telephone pollsters, thus creating the many misses we’ve witnessed over the years. Only real polls are in the voting
        booths, not counting the ones Diefenbaker said dogs use.
        As for the name calling, that says more about you than about me.

  3. This is Ford’s light-switch moment.

    • pierre lawayne says:

      first he has to find it. in the dark. on a floor covered in marbles. in bare feet. in prime time.
      say goodnight Gracie.

  4. David_M says:

    I would hazard a guess that Liberal fortunes jumped dramatically the day after Wynn announced her intention to step aside.
    Now, what’s Sandra up to these days?

  5. jay says:

    This is when we learn if Ford can learn from his mistakes. . . or not.

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