, 01.14.2019 10:06 AM

Federal political leaders, reviewed


And that’s just this week.

Meanwhile, the commentariat wonder why some of us are thinking about voting Green. Wonder no more, etc.


  1. Luke says:

    If the libs has a leadership contest, and Phillpott where running, I vote for her without hesitation. Perhaps he is indeed worried. Which would be a crap reason for such a choice.

  2. Mark says:

    Not ruling out the motives you attribute to Trudeau, but using this logic, it would seem that he should have demoted Freeland, perhaps to Minister of Revenue or something. And I would think that Philpott’s transfer to TB is not a demotion. Rather, it’s less conspicuous.

  3. Montréalaise says:

    ”Clueless, witless, hopeless”. You are being too kind – I watched that CTV interview with Singh and my jaw dropped. Literally.

  4. Gyor says:

    Elizabeth May is not without her own issues.

    • The Doctor says:

      Any other leader of any other party would have been politically dead and six feet under for that cringeworthy, pathetic drunken rant she did at the PPG dinner. That was proof positive that May and the Greens get this odd free pass from the press and punditry.

      Also she was ranting against Harper, so it’s ok to be hammered and do that.

  5. Beth Higginson says:

    Justin Trudeau chose her because she is very competent.

  6. Beth Higginson says:

    Globe and Mail: Ron Taverner dined with an interview panelist and Doug Ford before his OPP appointment

    The provincial government’s choice as the next commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police met with Premier Ford multiple times in the months leading up to his appointment, including a dinner with the hiring official who vetted Taverner for the high-profile position. The Toronto police superintendent also accompanied Ford to an event at the Premier’s lakeside cottage just days before it was announced publicly that the top job at the OPP was available, a Globe and Mail review of photographs and related records shows.

  7. Steve T says:

    Not to defend Scheer too much, but every leader (including Trudeau) talks about the “elite” not understanding the plight of the common person, and very few if any politicians can claim to come from lower-middle-class roots. And all Canadian politicians, at least those who have achieved elected office, get access to the same pension plan structure.

    Lizzy May is no angel herself. She has been accused by multiple people of workplace bullying, and she seems to believe that her self-proclaimed righteousness on environmental issues exempts her from the law.

  8. Miles Lunn says:

    Here is my reasons, why I think I could do a better job than any of them and so could my dog.

    Liberals: A tax and spend leader who has no concept of fiscal responsibility. Whether it be endless deficits, reversing OAS hike, throwing money at every program, making our taxes less competitive, I cannot as a fiscal conservative vote for the Liberals. Also a big virtue signaler who gets little done and what little he has done is more harmful than good.

    Conservatives: Too many dog whistles to xenophobes and no plan on the environment while dogmatically opposing the carbon tax even if revenue neutral. Also worried some members are too cozy with the gun lobby who dramatically want to loosen our gun laws which we don’t need.

    NDP: Liberals on steroids and with a leader who is even less competent.

    Green Party: We too harsh on pipelines, which we need and willingness to engage in protests shows they are just that rather than ready for primetime.

    People’s Party: Conservatives on steroids and pretty much predictable on what they will do, otherwise whatever the right wing ideology is.

    So I guess it is go for the lesser of the evils. I lean towards the Conservatives at the moment but not with enthusiasm. Only good news is I live in Vancouver Centre and our Conservative candidate is always pretty moderate compared to much of the rural candidates. Liberals have Hedy Fry who has long overstayed her welcome (for those who don’t know, she was the Liberal MP who defeated Kim Campbell back in 1993).

  9. Walter says:

    What are the choices again?

    1. A narcissist who has limited talent and misplaces them in Cabinet.
    2. Someone who has been there for a while.
    3. Someone who is clueless and witless.

  10. Gord Tulk says:

    Warren, I guess there are degrees of privilege.

    Trudeau is a trust fund baby who got his current job largely because of who his father was.

    Scheer won an election and held the seat – he earned that entitlement. You can argue that it was too rich an entitlement but that “privilege” is tiny compared to Justin’s

  11. Sean says:

    There is a warp in Trudeau’s personality which exceeds his underlying core of narcissism. He has a pathological case of mounting behaviour when it comes to other world leaders. His void of empathy manifests itself in treating other liberals as if they’re mere objects. He seems to have delusions of grandeur and quite likely sees himself as George Soros pick of the litter for a plump position as a world government elite. His commitment to his responsibilities is non existent. And he rules without consent.

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