, 01.07.2019 08:38 AM

Ten years? Ten years.

As the new school year begins, I was wondering where I was a decade ago this week.

For one thing, I was getting ready to square off in court against a far-Right former diplomat who had sued the CBC and me for libel.  We – assisted by the amazing Scott Hutchinson – won at trial, we won at appeal, and we won all the way up to the Supreme Court of Canada.

But I was also starting to work for Michael Ignatieff as an outside advisor (but not for long).  And one of the things we were doing, ten years ago, was making full and frequent use of the Interweebs – in a way that the Conservatives simply weren’t.

Here’s one such effort, posted under our GritGirl moniker.  Wonder if this sort of message could be reprised in 2019?


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    ABB says:

    Today that video would be a spectacular fail. After 5 seconds everyone would click away. Speed it up by a factor of 10x or 15x !!!

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      Warren says:

      Thanks, person who doesn’t use a real name or who has ever made an ad before.

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    PK says:

    His election coincided with the Barklay from star trek culture – when eaves dropping and fake things came to define everyday life

    As a refresher, Barkley had great qualities in virtual reality, but not so much in …reality. An emotional dependence on fake things and identity swapping – because he enjoyed one rich in bravado as opposed to his servile nervous self. Star trek predicts a lot of things – smart phones, and virtual reality where dysfunctional losers can pretend to be important to society and display qualities in fake news, and propaganda (same thing) they are bereft of in reality.

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    PK says:

    It’s when technology had developed enough to harass and malign private everyday people with eaves dropping and reactionary defamatory propaganda – so they could eaves drop on private phone calls and conversations, and then punish you with defamatory propaganda for having informed and valuable opinions – it’s when cultural backwardness became mainstream –

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    RichieRoby says:

    Given the green light, I would cut that promo for someone tomorrow.

    I’ve seen a few more amateur vids in this vein floating around on the anti-Trudeau Facebook groups, but a pro one I think would hit the mark better.

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    PK says:

    In Alberta when you stand out professionally, or for any quality, but you are a known liberal – well the above is something you deal with everyday – they literally terrorize folks with whisper campaigns and propaganda for being intelligent, and hard working – It’s fascism and an albatross to the society. Means they don’t have to be any good at anything – they can just use propaganda and there goes all your hard work and the professional reputation you earned – to the benefit of a loser who through association gets a propaganda/whisper campaign service – because they are incapable of making it on their own all those who do suffer, so why don;t politicians do anything about this it’s ruined the country to the benefit of below average narcissists

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