02.20.2019 12:38 PM

A real prosecutor responds to Trudeau partisan Adam Goldenberg

Name withheld at his/her request.

“Response to Adam Goldenberg’s spin on LavScam:

1. Nice try, but this is a seriously flawed and incorrect analysis. As a prosecutor, I can tell you Mr. Goldenberg has it exactly backwards.

2. Attorney-General consent is not a new requirement. It is required for a limited number of specific prosecutions and resolutions in the Criminal Code.

3. The AG’a consent is initiated by the prosecution service, and approved by the AG on the request and advice of the prosecutor – NOT the other way around.  

4. It is a legal/prosecutorial decision, not a political one. It is to ensure this limited and extraordinary type of prosecution or resolution isn’t used by the prosecutor too readily, and in inappropriate circumstances.  

5. It is a power or tool to be initiated by the prosecutor and the prosecution service – and without the prosecutor’s request, the AG consent is not needed. And therefore, the AG has no need to give direction.

5. The first question that should be asked in any Parliamentary or judicial inquiry is whether there has ever been an occasion where the AG directed a prosecutor and a prosecution service – in the history of this Country or the Dominion – on how to resolve a prosecution, contrary to the decision of the prosecutor and Prosecution Service (I suspect not, and never for a political reason).

6. There may be hypothetical circumstances where the AG may intervene to withdraw its delegated authority to the prosecutor, but those are limited to extremely rare circumstances of prosecutorial misconduct – again, a legal, not a political decision.”


  1. Matt says:

    Is it time Canada split up the AG and justice minister roles?

    Give the AG role to someone outside parliament like a retired SCoC Justice?

  2. the salamander says:

    .. brilliant rebuttal !
    Like a boxing combination

  3. Lyn says:

    Thanks Warren for the truth of what probably happened. The PMO’s office wanted the AG to break the law is my thought only.

  4. Marvin says:

    That is a brilliant rebuttal to an obvious friend of Trudeau trying to twist the facts to Canadians who have no clue as to the Rule of Law

    All Canadians can now read this rebuttal. Journalists can investigate this rebuttal and everyone can know for certainly this rebuttal is bang on the truth without the present government and their friends trying to twist it.

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