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Dear Puglaas

Dear Puglaas:

That’s the name you use on Twitter, and the name you got when you were born: Puglaas.  In the Kwak’wala language, it means “woman born to noble people.”

And noble – in the traditional sense of the word – you certainly are. Daughter of a fearless British Columbia hereditary chief.  Chief Commissioner of the B.C. Treaty Commission.  We Wai Kai Councillor. Regional Chief of the B.C. Assembly of First Nations. Lawyer, former Crown Attorney.  (Where, incidentally, you learned quite a bit about what “solicitor-client privilege” means.)

The dictionaries define noble as “having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals.”  And, with each passing day, you have shown all of Canada that you certainly possess fine personal qualities.  High morals and principles and ideals, too.

You have done that in a way that no other politician ever has, really.  You have done that by remaining silent.  You have done that by saying nothing, and by waiting for your moment. 

It is coming.

Your adversaries, meanwhile, have made lots of noise.  They’ve bleated and screeched, like swine being herded onto a slaughterhouse truck.  The analogy is apt.

And, sadly, you do have adversaries, now. People who lied to your face and once told you they are your friends.  They aren’t. They’re liars.  They’re cowards.  Some of them may be actively involved in covering up an obstruction of justice – which, ironically, is an obstruction of justice itself. (Ask James Comey.)

The cowards, last week, included the House of Commons committee that professes to be all about “justice and human rights,” but doesn’t espouse either.  Last week, the Liberal members of that committee actually voted to deny you the opportunity to testify about what you know in the metastasizing SNC-Lavalin obstruction of justice scandal.  They did that, right out in the open. They voted, instead, to shield their political masters in Justin Trudeau’s office, and convene secret meetings.

These are their names: Anthony Housefather, the weakling who leads the committee.  Ali Ehsassi, who is said to be a lawyer, and said this of the alleged obstruction of justice: “there is nothing to be concerned about.”  Colin Fraser, who is thankfully quitting politics, and who also claims to have once practiced criminal law.  A nonentity named Ron McKinnon, who actually said the committee shouldn’t invite any “random people” from PMO to testify – even though the Opposition had a decidedly non-random list, ready to go.

Oh, and Randy Boissonnault and Iqra Khalid.  Those two, in particular, distinguished themselves as Nixonian exemplars.  When this sordid, sickening affair grinds to its inevitable end, in a courtroom somewhere, it is Boissonnault and Khalid who will receive special commendations for unalloyed dishonesty.  Boissonnault, for saying out loud – like Donald Trump, who says it all the time and in what lawyers call “similar fact-situations” – that the whole affair is “a witch hunt.”  He said that, with a straight face.

The disgust this writer feels for Khalid, meanwhile, is somewhat personal.  Some months ago, she and I attended an anti-racism event in East Toronto.  Several racists and Islamophobes showed up, and things got out of hand.  They started moving towards Khalid, so former Liberal MPP Arthur Potts and I stood between her and the racists – to physically protect her, if need be.  To allow her to speak her truth.

But there Khalid was, last week, doing her utmost to prevent you from speaking your truth, Puglaas.  Gagging you, almost literally. Insisting that the committee’s role isn’t to “investigate.” She said that.

The Liberal MPs on the committee were awful.  They were pitiful.  And, in the end, they were only aping the Coward-in-Chief, Justin Trudeau – who, last week in Vancouver, said for the first time that he met with you last Fall to discuss SNC-Lavalin’s desire to escape criminal prosecution.  And who, the very next day in Winnipeg – the next day! – did a whiplash-inducing about-face, and said that he was “perplexed” and “bewildered” you didn’t speak to him about it all.

When he had said, just 24 hours before, that you had.

That makes Justin Trudeau a liar, not a Prime Minister.  That makes his Liberals on the inaptly-named Justice Committee weaklings.  And that makes the spineless factotums in his office – who let you others attack you, anonymously, for being a woman who” is difficult to work with” and “a thorn in the side of cabinet” – even worse. For being an indigenous person who, you know, is a bit too uppity with her betters.

This, from the ones who claimed to be feminists.  This, from the ones who claimed to be on the side of indigenous people.  This, from the ones who promised to bring back ethics and accountability.

Know this, Puglaas. You are beating them – simply by being silent, and by maintaining your dignity, and by waiting for your moment.  You are showing all of the country who you truly are.

What you are, truly, is noble.  And them?

They’re cowards and liars, for whom the end is edging ever-closer.





  1. Matt says:

    Iqra Khalid
    ‏Verified account @iamIqraKhalid

    I have given notice of motion at the justice committee to invite the Hon. Jody Wilson-Raybould to appear before the committee.
    11:20 AM – 19 Feb 2019

    Isn’t that sweet.

    Inviting JWR to appear before committee………. when she knows JWR won’t be able to answer any questions because Trudeau still won’t waive solicitor-client privilege.

    Disgrace. All of them.

    • Fred from BC says:

      “Inviting JWR to appear before committee………. when she knows JWR won’t be able to answer any questions because Trudeau still won’t waive solicitor-client privilege.”

      Damn. I read about the invitation, and was thinking what a gutsy move it was for the Liberals because she would be able to tell her side of the story (which wouldn’t make them look good). Should have known better.

  2. Stephen Bent says:

    Well said!!!

  3. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Powerful. Inspiring. Game-Changing-Writing.

  4. Matt says:

    You can tell I’m not a lawyer by asking this probably stupid question:

    JWR asked for and was granted an opportunity to speak to cabinet this morning. By granting her that chance, is there any way that can be seen as Trudeau waiving solicitor-client privilege?

  5. Slater says:

    I truly hope Puglass has not struck a deal. I most certainly believe she was pressured by Butts re SNC. If she has made a deal to come back to cabinet as long as Butts was cut loose, I will lose all respect for her.

    I also don’t believe Butts is “gone”. He’ll either be working behind the scenes or running JT’s re-election campaign. What a dirty bunch.

  6. Sean says:

    I hope she maintains her stature. And I’m not convinced Butts is gone. With today’s extended cabinet meeting, I’m beginning to smell a rat.

  7. Dan says:

    a comment found on SDA earlier …
    JWR has the opportunity to take over the Liberal Government,and win the next 3 elections.
    The crown is in her grasp.
    The optics are glorious,
    Appearance of ethical purity.
    And the public love of Trudeau is sinking fast,people actually admit to regret having voted for The Hair Apparent.
    Now this Quebec centric fiasco.
    The back bench Liberals need to act,as their silence is seen as acceptance of the idiocy of the Dancing Queen.
    Canada is foundering,Liberals are the crew at the helm..
    Either they chuck the Turd now or they become the PC party after Mulroney.As in a pair of chairs.
    With a split opposition and the gullible voters of Liberals,voter fraud and the voting dead,they will win with a landslide.
    So our new Prime Minister will be a Native Woman from BC as the old graspers of the Liberal Party will do anything to retain power and their access to the public purse.
    The Canadian Media Guild will be all over this narrative.
    From outcast to Dear Leader in 3 months.

    • Housevader says:

      Oh, we know which firms are seeking to support which candidates.

      Butts is busy ensuring that JWR does not become the Julia Gillard of Canada.

      She does not speak French. And that was amplified so that “Everyone Knows” -Leonard Cohen, Daisy, 1964.

      No, this leadership challenge will be the only obstruction that is conclusive.

  8. Robert White says:

    An excoriating characterization of the PMO attendees and one that reminds me to never get on the wrong side of an argument. I can admit that I failed to grasp the nuanced skullduggery as outlined above. Clearly, I have some catching up to do on fed level politics. I get the provincial & municipal but the federal is still a bit over my head when it gets this heated.

    Fine writing above IMO.


  9. Arie Intveld says:

    Warren, this is a most sincere endorsement for a very remarkable woman. Good strategy is always contingent on perfect timing and I believe @Puglass is waiting for the perfect moment to pounce. When that moment comes, it’s my hope that the exposure of cronyism within the PMO doesn’t just end with #LavScam; I’m confident that @Puglass is able to shine much daylight on the ordeal that Vice-Admiral Mark Norman is experiencing, all thanks to recently departed MP and Treasury Board President, Scott Brison. Methinks @Puglass has something on the McGill buddies which is the political equivalent of being caught on their knees at the south-facing end of a north-facing sheep wearing knee pads and Velcro mitts. My concern is that the counsel chosen by @Puglass is someone who is very close to the Trudeau Foundation. Counsel in bed with your opponent is no counsel at all.

  10. Vancouverois says:

    And yet today’s events are disquieting. She spoke to Cabinet, didn’t say anything of note to the public other than that she was still a Liberal, and was invited to the Justice Committee.

    Has JWR made a deal?

    If so, your praise of her may be sadly unwarranted. I hope it isn’t true – but I’m starting to wonder.

    • Mike Jeffries says:

      She speaks precise words that say plenty.
      You see saying she’s “liberal” means she won’t let them down even it they let her down. She knows her role. Those who know her say she’s a “uniter”, yet more! She calls herself a “Hiligaxste” which means ‘one corrects the Chiefs’ Path’. That is her calling, mission, and purpose.
      Her cabinet meeting request likely was about that. To unite the party, bring it out of chaos, and ‘correct the Chiefs Path’ to move the Party forward.

  11. Gord Tulk says:

    No doubt the pressure coming on the LPC from SNC Lavalin and it’s minions must be epic.

    We are talking some of the most successful corruption teams ON EARTH. They dropped 150 million greasing pols in Libya when the fate of the company and the freedom of its executives did not hang in the balance. How much are they spreading around / promising now that they do?


  12. Tom Airth says:

    I had this t-shirt made up in September of 2019. I think it speaks to my feelings towards the moral vacuum that is our government.
    Help keep organized crime free from prosecution
    In Canada
    Vote for the party that will “ save Canadian jobs”
    No matter how corrupt the company is!!
    It’s getting worn out from it’s many exposures!

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