, 02.08.2019 08:03 AM

KINSELLACAST 50: The Trudeau Obstruction of Justice edition


  1. the salamander says:

    .. you certainly poked a hornet’s nest
    The Twitterverse is in full song bout you
    even some shots at Lisa as well

  2. Sean says:

    Stay strong, Warren-you’re on the right side of history. This last meme is absolute genius. May I copy it and use it on Facebook?

  3. Sean says:

    Some argue John McCallum was fired for speaking truth to power. Yet there are ” dog on the ballot ” myopic liberals ( they’re known as Trudeautards ) void of ethics, morals, and principles who will defend Trudeau regardless of his unethical behaviour. On the bright side, there are good folks, such as yourself, who defend the pillars which support our institutions.

  4. Glen Edwards says:

    Thanks for a heat pod cast it sheds light on the hill issue.

  5. Miles Lunn says:

    On Maxime Bernier, the Tories really dodged a bullet here. Had they chosen him as leader would have been a struggle to hold the 99 seats they won in 2015, whereas with Scheer winning especially a majority may be a tall order, but at least there is a better than even chance the party will win more seats than in 2015 even if it comes up short. Off course Leith, Lemieux, and Trost were even more extreme. Agree Lisa Raitt would have been a good chance as one of the few Tories to survive the red wave the swept the 905 belt and also with roots in Atlantic Canada where they lost all seats and a middle aged women, she would be the right person to help re-connect with groups they won in 2011, but lost in 2015.

    Erin O’Toole seemed reasonably and unlike Scheer seems to do a better job of staying clear of the more crazier elements in the party, but he lacks charisma and can sometimes come across as too aggressive so not the type to excite people, but wouldn’t scare them either. Michael Chong was my preferred choice and I think long term the party needs a leader like him, but unfortunately in the short term the base sees him as too centrist and would probably split off a form a breakaway right wing party. In many ways had Patrick Brown not had his downfall, he could have been a good precursor as his platform was in many ways quite similar. Chong’s plans were also a lot like Gordon Campbell so reasonated with me, but again BC politics is somewhat foreign to those living east of the Rockies and the pro free enterprise coalition we have with the BC Liberals is something it seems most east of the Rockies have a tough time fathoming. But then again there is not party as left wing and is ideologically reactionary who regularly polls around 40% as the BC NDP anywhere else in Canada so when you have as disastrous and ideological one as the BC NDP you are able to bring people together you cannot elsewhere.

    On the SNC-Lavalin will be interesting how this plays out. Scandals rarely damage governments immediately as they are complex and people don’t always understand them and usually takes time to do damage, but if this simmers on for a few months could hurt Trudeau. One of the reasons Chretien was as successful as he was is he was good a putting out flames quickly, not gaslighting them to make them worse and not sure Trudeau or anyone around him is as good at Chretien on this front. He also too had a weak a divided opposition which Trudeau faces with the NDP but not Tories.

    • Fred from BC says:

      “but unfortunately in the short term the base sees him as too centrist ”

      Too centrist?

      No. We see him as too Liberal…

      • The Doctor says:

        I didn’t realize that you’d been appointed spokesperson for the base. Cool.

        • Fred from BC says:

          Not appointed, no. Voted.

          We try to do things democratically in the CPC. You guys should try it.

          • The Doctor says:

            To what is “you guys” referring? I’m not a member of any political party. And last federal election I voted for the CPC. So what are you talking about?

      • Miles Lunn says:

        He is more conservative than Stanfield and Joe Clark while around the same spot on the political spectrum as Brian Mulroney. Likewise if you look abroad he is about the same spot as Theresa May and David Cameron while if you want to look south of the border more conservative than Eisenhower while similar to Gerald Ford and even somewhat comparable to the few Republicans electable in deep blue states (note Canada would be one if we were part of the US) such as Arnold Schwarznegger, Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, and Larry Hogan of Maryland. Heck even Jeff Flake and James Baker (secretary under Ronald Reagan) support a revenue neutral carbon tax. So I think the Tories need to look in the mirror and ask why someone who once represented the party is now seen as a liberal. Conservatives in both US and Canada have been moving rightward over the past 30 years and I don’t think that is a good thing. British Tories also did, but after spending 13 years in opposition learned their lesson although still as we see on the Brexit file, the right wing fringe in the party like Rees-Mogg have an outsized influence.

  6. Pat T. says:

    Evidently, “the most powerful lawyer in the land” isn’t that powerful. The Liberal Party of Canada has been a criminal cartel for 40 years utilizing classic mafia tactics – extortion, blackmail, whispering campaigns, constructive dismissal, assault. Only the willfully blind could be shocked or surprised. Trudeau has got his “basic dictatorship”.

  7. McGill boys in short pants in the PMO. Ha. Yup. #somuchadmiration for Wilson-Raybould.

  8. Miles,

    You mean he had Pelletier.

  9. Bart F. says:

    Suspect the McGill brigade will simply try to obfuscate and dissemble. “Yeah we had some discussions with JWR but it was just about getting updates and her point of view on how the situation was progressing . . . blah blah blah . . . mountains out of molehills etc. etc.
    Beyond JWR herself who may have signalled she may have been pressured to intervene it will be interesting to see who the Globe’s sources were. And whether JWR and the sources can/will state what they know publicly.

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