02.21.2019 04:29 PM

#LavScam lunacy latest: if you are critical of my boss, it will lead to assassinations

Jesus H. Christ, these guys make the Trump White House look like communications geniuses.


  1. Derek Pearce says:

    Oh good god. I agree that using words like “treason” and “traitor” to describe civil servants or MPs (or PMs) is unhelplful hyperbole. But to state this makes him worry about assassination makes him look ridiculous. Let people who want to throw words like treason around look ridiculous on their own, there’s no need to join them in looking so.

  2. Mike Jeffries says:

    I cannot believe his arrogance, self-righteousness, and smugness! Such an embarrassment to some of us citizens who pay his salary. Fake news from him about his paranoid delusions!

  3. Ian says:

    Sort of bizarre that he was opining on what was lawful and appropriate, although admitting the Ethics Commissioner might have to sort it all out

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Am I crazy or what? Isn’t there supposed to be an invisible wall between PCO and PMO? Isn’t it the CPC’s job to give neutral public service advice to his political masters? Does anyone else find it uncomfortable to have the head of the public service testifying in public about overtly political matters?

  5. Jim Keegan says:

    Isn’t this guy supposed to be an impartial bureaucrat? He comes across as a high ranking member of Trudeau’s cabinet!

  6. Joseph says:

    So he just admitted that there was pressure, and perception means squat as the law makes no such distinction. The legal term is influenced and the means test is if someone tried to influence the justice minister.
    He admitted that it happened.
    The other crap he spouted about assassination should be ignored.
    I’m sticking with the theory that the legislation to allow a DPA was stuck in the omnibus bill with the understanding that the expectation that on royal assent SNC would get their application approved. Unfortunately, it appears none of the folks that shepherded the budget bill in Finance actually read it. Likely because they presumed someone else already did, or it came from on high with orders to add to the omnibus legislation.
    Regardless, it does appear the Director did read the legislation and did apply the law.
    I guess we can thank the chief knob of the privy council for confirming that he was in the know on what the motive was.

    • Jim R says:

      “Unfortunately, it appears none of the folks that shepherded the budget bill in Finance actually read it.”

      Probably because it didn’t belong buried in a 556 page budget bill, and should have been looked at by a Justice committee or some equivalent thereof.

      I’m sure its placement in a omnibus budget bill was just an oversight 🙂

  7. Sean says:

    I guess there was no inappropriate pressure from Trudeau’s hand when he grabbed a lady’s ass. There was no inappropriate pressure from Adam, the goon, Vaughan when he relentlessly harassed Mel Lastman’s wife. There was no pressure from Bob Rae for maligning protests with the most reprehensible terms.

  8. Housevader says:

    That assasination bit (about the united we roll fringe) was the lead generator i.e the viral headline used to spread the general content of his statement. A Trojan horse of truth that Faith Goldy or any publication can ferment violence through rhetoric. It’s nice marketing because, you know, politicos spread his message on the speculative nature of it.

    What hurts more is the huge problem for JWR that if she felt undue pressure, why not resign immediately in September? Where was the noble principle then? It all hinges on whether her demotion was a kick in the teeth for all [insert cultural indicator here] or was it mostly her personal ambitions leading her to leak to Fife, you know, after she discovered the new job sucked?

    If it’s the former then the retaliation does not advance the cause of indigenous self-government being written explicitly into the constitution. If it’s the latter, her truth simply airs LPC laundry to harm the party, PM and by extension increases the chances of a (Tory) justice minister that reversed any gains on the indigenous file.

  9. Vancouverois says:

    Well, what else can we expect? We all know where former Clerks of the Privy Council go after their service.


    He has to make sure it’s still there when it’s his turn, after all.

  10. Pat says:

    He was clearly on board with the SNC charade and his entire testimony and attitude confirm it I’m my opinion.

    And forgive me if I’m wrong about this but if some savvy folks in the MOJ surreptitiously included the posing pill into the DPA regarding ignoring the economic impact, wasn’t that under his watch?

    Face it…JWR was pressured. She declined to play ball. She was demoted for her insubordination. The Liberals have offered a plethora of implausible excuses for that. Butts leaves. None of what Mr. Wernick said yesterday can repeal the obvious.

  11. JamesHalifax says:

    Hmm…not sure what sort of hokus pokus happend their warren.

    I had my brilliant commentary as usual, and when it posted….it came up that.

  12. JamesHalifax says:

    Pretty clear what happened:

    SNC-Lavalin was caught red-handed bribing Libyans. Given that bribes, graft, and corruption are the only ways to get things done in that region; no one should be surprised. SNC is hardly the only culprit. In fact, their only problem was getting caught. I’ve worked in Libya….if you don’t pay off the right folks, you don’t get to pay. That applies to most of the countries over there. It’s a lot like Quebec in that respect.

    SNC was charged, they knew they were going to be found guilty, and they started sloshing buckets of money into the Liberal Party trying to buy their favour. It worked. the reward was put into an omnibus bill.

    The prosecutors didn’t buy into it, and the PMO decided to tell their indigenous AG to play along. She didn’t.

    She was then “non-directed” to make an exception; as failing to do so would have serious repercussions for Liberal prospects in the next election…er, I mean…lots of folks in Quebec would lose their jobs.

    Gerry, Trudeau, and the PCO tried again, and when that didn’t work, it was determined that a cabinet shuffle was in order. None of the other positions mattered, as long as a chinless “yes-man” from Quebec was named the new AG.

    All would be well.

    Oops…not so fast. That lady from BC has some grit…..

    Let the shit-show begin.

    As an aside: Does anyone wonder why the 100,000 jobs ALREADY LOST in ALBERTA don’t matter as much as a few thousands jobs in Quebec? Maybe because there aren’t a lot of Liberal seats to be had in ALBERTA. Besides, Gerry’s whole reason for making Trudeau the PM, was because the virtue-signalling moron we have as a Prime Minister will do as he’s told, and enact Gerry’s agenda. The complete shut-down of the oil sector in Alberta.

    Easy peasy

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      I’m still waiting for some Conservative to tell us why Harper didn’t push a pipeline thru to the coast between 2006 and 2015.

      Exactly. Those BC CPC seats. (No need to thank me for clearing this up.)

      • JamesHalifax says:


        No problem.

        Tides Foundation, \
        MoveON.org, Eco-fanatics, indigineous groups, Courts, etc..etc..etc….

        It wasn’t lack of effort.

        The difference of course, is that Harper and the CPC tried to get oil out of Alberta, whereas the Liberals said they wanted to get the oil out of alberta…while at the same time enacting policies and procedures to see that it will never happen.

        You are welcome.

  13. J.H. says:

    Word is there was much lobbying and pressure on Morneau and staff to insert the DPA into the Omnibus Bill. A type of bill Trudeau promised his government would never bring in.
    It’s also said that SNC Lavalin were onto the Director of Public Prosecutions even before the bill got passed, once they knew Morneau had caved. It seems to me it was not only Puglaas who was subjected to undue pressure. The difference is she’s a strong principled individual, as opposed to Morneau who has all the backbone of a limp dishrag.

  14. Lorne says:

    So to summarize…”Ya I talked to her in December to pressure her to change her mind, but … she never called in the ethics commissioner so it’s all on her.”

    Arrogant, dismissive and somewhat twisted thought process which describes how the Trudeau government operates.

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