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#LavScam: your turn, RCMP and Justice Committee

Jagmeet Singh, it turns out, is doing what an Opposition leader should:


OTTAWA – On Monday, the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner, Mario Dion, agreed to a request from New Democrats to begin an investigation into the attempts by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his office to provide SNC-Lavalin with a reduced punishment stemming from serious corruption charges. This is the latest in a long string of scandals that make it clear whose side Justin Trudeau is on: corporations and the super-rich.

 “Canada’s Ethics Commissioner agrees there are sufficient grounds to begin an independent investigation into Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his office for the alleged special treatment they gave SNC-Lavalin,” said NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh. “The Liberals keep telling us how important an independent justice system is, but it all goes out the window when their friends are in trouble. The Liberals give big companies all the breaks while Canadians have to play by the rules and are still getting squeezed.”

 “Justin Trudeau promised Canadians he would change the way politics worked in Ottawa, but instead his Liberal government continues to prioritize helping insiders and the rich get ahead. Canadians deserve better,” said NDP Ethics Critic Charlie Angus. “It’s no wonder that most Canadians feel like it’s big companies who are getting all the breaks, and not them. Canadians deserve to know whose side this government is on: everyday Canadians who follow the rules or a massive multinational corporation with deep ties to the Liberal Party?”

 The pressure to go easy on SNC-Lavalin may have resulted in the termination of Jody Wilson Raybould as Attorney General and Minister of Justice, the first Indigenous woman to ever hold the post. In recent days, Liberal operatives have attempted to smear Wilson-Raybould’s performance even though she was widely seen as a credible and competent Minister throughout her tenure.

 “We urge Mr. Trudeau’s team to stop trying to discredit Ms. Wilson-Raybould and to commit to fully cooperate with the Ethic Commissioner’s investigation. The Liberal government should also support the work of the Justice Committee who will be looking into other questions such as, why was the law that would help SNC-Lavalin changed in the first place and who pressured the former Attorney General to let SNC-Lavalin off the hook,” said NDP BC Liaison Nathan Cullen, “Canadians deserve answer. This scandal goes to the heart of our democracy and the fairness of our legal system.”


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    Matt says:

    That’s good, but we need an investigation from an entity that has actually penalties for a guilty finding other than a $500 fine.

    Sure the optics of yet another guilty verdict to ethics laws violations would hurt, but still.

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    the salamander says:

    .. perhaps the ‘Liberal operators attempting to smear Wilson-Reybould’s performance’ could be named ?

    How many are there? Are they men or women or just vague apparitions, short pants or skirted apparatchiks or actually real Public Servants, on salary & paid by Canadian taxpayers ?

    This smacks of more smelly & vague innuendo piled higher and deeper.. much like the vaunted Globe and Mail ‘report’.. or subsequent flawed ‘journalism’ from such as Evan Soloman and Andrew Coyne. Mr Coyne manages to build his hysterical house of cards atop the Globe and Mail’s confused term salad. Was it urged, attempted to urge, put some pressure or heavy pressure towards two worthy women who stuck to the law.. abided by the law of the land accordingly !

    Ho hum.. Andrew Scheer is busy busy making demands and posturing for the cameras at the drop of a hat.. Singh missed the boat, busy trying to get elected.. Presumably Scheer’s ‘demands’ are met with a stony ‘flock off’ From Minister & Prosecuter, seemingly the only persons with any real law experience and the Prime Minister himself.. can hold,forth via a spokeswank.. ideally one familiar with Criminal Law.. or at least can read.

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      Ronald O'Dowd says:

      the salamander,

      Remember what Chrétien said to follow as a rule:

      “I don’t know. A proof is a proof. What kind of a proof? It’s a proof. A proof is a proof, and when you have a good proof, it’s because it’s proven.”

      This quote is unrelated to this situation but gets to the heart of it. No one can be named at this stage unless you like being sued for libel.

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        the salamander says:

        .. well said.. though in regard to libel or defamation.. the vague innuendo is already in print & the pile on continues & roughly follows partisan borders.

        Who’s to say the ‘suspected staffers’ and all concerned, won’t just close ranks, circle the wagons.. wait for something new or stunning in the International News ? And let it blow over ?

        My presumption is that discussions in Cabinet were many, lengthy, probably polarized ie the vaunted ‘situational ethics’ applied.. If Ms Wilson-Rebould held firm, amen. She did the right thing, as did Ms Roussel.. they can testify accordingly.. and that might be the saving grace of this entire ‘thing’ .. allowing any PMO meddlers to seal their lips

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    Matt says:

    No, what’s tiresome is your continued defense of the indefensible.

    Meanwhile PMO/PCO are now accused of interfering in the case against Admiral Norman.


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      Fred from BC says:

      “No, what’s tiresome is your continued defense of the indefensible.”

      It is, but what else can you expect from a guy who continues to repeat the same tired old smear even two years after it was proven to be a lie?

      (he actually said “Big LEAGUE”, and everyone knows it…)

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      barn E. rubble says:

      RE: Matt says:
      “Meanwhile PMO/PCO are now accused of interfering in the case against Admiral Norman.”

      I believe the accusations of interference started at the get-go. Brison quit shortly after his name came up . . .

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        Cory says:

        Yes but now the defense has introduced evidence that the PMO met with the crown and the crown admits that the meetings were to discuss trial strategy.

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    Gordon McRae says:

    “save thousands of good paying jobs”

    Tell that to the fine people of Alberta. Those SNC-Lavalin jobs still need to get done, it will be other companies doing it and ex-employees can work for them. It is not like the PM killed an entire industry or something like that…

    Who gives a sh1t about SNC-Lavalin fat cats anyways, which is all about. Trudeau and the PMO certaintly don’t care about you.

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    Campbell says:

    What publication is this sourced from?y

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    Jim Keegan says:

    I would much prefer to see this investigation in the hands of the RCMP than the [Liberal appointed] Ethics Commissioner. Trudeau and his cronies will now refuse comment, citing their respect for the Commissioner’s inquiry and the need to allow the Commissioner to carry out his task independently, etc. , or some similar bullshit. Trudeau will also do his best to stonewall the inquiry past the October election.

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    Jim R says:

    Only overblown if you don’t believe that prosecutors should not be tools of the government.

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