02.01.2019 08:33 PM

This is my favourite tweet of 2019 to date


  1. Bill Malcolm says:

    The retreat from reality and deep navel-gazing insularity shown by Albertans like this is symptomatic of the far right. “Yeah, I don’t mind shooting myself in the foot – I’ll vote for sleazebag rent-grubbing from Canada Kenney and his right wing corporate-loving politicians. Give me a chance to reject any spending on individual citizens and I’ll take it! Corporations are dying from lack of profit, especially the Koch Bros bitumen boys, and they’re the important ones! Canada is a put-up job, we need pipelines for ever!”

    Might as well be Trump-voting nitwitz in the US. They like personal pain and no universal health care too. Deep reflection for them brings forth empty slogans and slurs, nothing more. Anyone disagreeing is a commie. “And what’s this climate change I’ve been hearing about? The good lord will provide.”

  2. the salamander says:

    .. Dear Bill (& mr Kinsella) – ‘keeping up is hard to do’ .. it was a big hit song, non ? And ‘keep on keepin on’ was a hit. We need to show kindness to riff raff having trouble with either concept or fundamental need.. perhaps there’s a prescription.. or the old talking therapy.. That old Joe McCarthy ‘label em a commie..’ when all else fails.. still has legs I guess..

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