02.07.2019 01:08 PM

Trudeau denies “directing” his Attorney-General. What does that mean?

This what a ministerial directive looks like.  It’s from Global Affairs, but they all do it this way.

It’s formal. It’s done in writing.

A scared-looking Trudeau denies “directing” his Attorney-General to go easy on his cronies who were facing a criminal trial.

That’s true. He didn’t put it in writing.

But he fired the AG when she refused.


  1. I’m hoping for a long, serious talk with the CPC.

  2. Lance says:

    Unfortunate and unhelpful timing for this October.

  3. Lance says:

    Ay-yae-yae –

    “Asked if she had been approached to direct the Public Prosecution Service to negotiate a remediation agreement, Ms. Wilson Raybould said: ‘I don’t have a comment on that.'”

    The Globe also asked whether she had refused such a request. ‘I cannot comment on that. That is legal advice between me and the government at the time.'”

    • Lance,

      Daisy specializes, among other things, in crisis management. Her response is entirely appropriate given her previous position but as you’ve intimated, it could possibly kill them politically. Daisy might have their arms full if the Canadian government was their client.

  4. Darren H says:

    PM is toast. Liberals may get wiped out in the election, their only saving grace is if Jagmeet wins his by-election and not replaced by Rachel Notley.

  5. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Whatever Fife comes up with will at the very least be incredibly damaging, if not strong enough to finish off a few people.

  6. Steve T says:

    There was an excellent “At Issue” panel on CBC News last night about this. As the panel noted, the most damning comments are those that are NOT being made (by Jody W-R; the PM; etc…).

    • Doug Brown says:

      Saw it. Chantal Hebert made the argument that SNC is too big to fail. She seemed to imply that voters understand this and will be more forgiving than expected of extraordinary government actions. Maybe the Liberals know they stand more to gain in Quebec than to lose elsewhere.

  7. David_M says:

    Being a flake is one thing but attempting interfering in a criminal proceeding through the Justice Minister and then jettisoning said minister when she told the flake to fuck off is a firing offence.
    Trudeau better have answers or a resignation letter.

    • David_M says:

      And another thing, if SNC is corrupt then they should be held to account. Nothing pisses me off more than the deep pocketed having their own set of rules.

      • Gord Tulk says:

        “… if SNC is corrupt…”

        You must be not be familiar with this firm. Corruption was standard business practice for it and its predecessors for decades and decades – back to the 1950s. Hydro projects, Montreal metro, ‘expo 67’ ‘76 Olympics to name just the big Canadian Items. At long last just a few years back the world bank finally got around to banning them from any of their deals.

        In global engineering circles this organization has been giving Canada a black eye for generations.

        • Gord Tulk says:

          Not the only one certainly.

          But Easily holds the title of THE WORST IN THE DEVELOPED WORLD.

          And arguably the Crown Jewel of Quebec Inc. which says volumes…

    • David_M says:

      Apologies for the profanity.

  8. William R Morrison says:

    I dunno. Warren, you are the most politically astute guy I know of. Tell me, do you think his groupie fan base cares about this? His hair is still a rich dark brown, nary a grey hair to be seen, and he still has dimples. Scheer looks like a nerd. Isn’t that enough to keep him going?

  9. Doug Brown says:

    Could this force Butts to resign? A Buttsless Trudeau would be a brainless Trudeau

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