02.11.2019 04:36 PM

When (criminal) worlds collide


  1. the salamander says:

    .. the implication is..
    Its possible to identify the alleged or suspected PMO staffers, as they are ‘suspected’ in regard to two current issues. Since their salary, expenses and possibly pensions are paid by Canadian taxpayers.. one presumes we can know exactly ‘who is employed in the PMO’.. and more specifically, said ‘suspected’ staffers with bad habits. It should not require an Ethics Investigation to find out how they occupy their days.. or what tasks are assigned them & by whom..

    I don’t recall taxpayers having to pay anonymous or mysterious MP’s or Senators.. so why would we pay anonymous ‘staffers’ .. and.. do we even know their pay scale? Or qualifications ? Who would be able to provide such basic information ? And how long might that take ?

    • Gord Tulk says:

      And those staffers were directed by politicians.

      A public inquiry would pull the string that leads to the real culprits.

      • the salamander says:

        .. well Gord, essentially PMO ‘staffers’ or others with influence or power or access to directing use of taxpayer monies are Politicians. A sort of co-mingling so to speak. We may find out the exact roster & pecking order reality of PMO ‘staffers’ but even that may be hard to access

        We saw this in the Harper era.. when Ray Novak (never elected) was lauded as the 2nd most powerful ‘politician’ in Canada. We payed his salary We also saw it via the illegal flittings of Stephen Lecce and Jenni Byrne back and forth from PMO to the Richmond Hill federal riding of Fantino and back to the safe haven of the PMO where we payed them as well. Sidenote – so much donor $ came in, that much of it was allegedly stashed into a secret 2nd campaign bank account. Funds were then distributed to numerous other riding campaigns. Lecce shared an office with a mysterious red goateed robocall genius from Alberta (ring a bell? He sued eventually & won regsrding his use of the Conservative electoral database). American GOP operatives knocked on doors. The office as the crow flies but 40 miles from Guelph. Lecce now ? A Doug Ford MPP, Byrne just left Ford for a new plum appointment, Ontario Hydro ?. Ethics Investigation ? What Investigation ?

    • J.H. says:

      I agree WK. Why aren’t taxpayers automatically provided the names & salaries of PMO & PCO staff. Don’t we pay them?
      Please rectify this asap.

  2. Sean says:


    Does Trudeau have the power to make this entire story go away void of any kind of investigation?

    • barn E. rubble says:

      RE: Sean says:
      “Does Trudeau have the power to make this entire story go away void of any kind of investigation?”

      Cover-ups and deflection have more to do with wherewithal than power. I’m guessing he’s been on the phone (or should be) with Chretien, a Zen master, if there ever was one.

      Plan B: Better call Saul.

    • Jim says:

      “Opposition witch hunt” ? Donald, is that you?

    • Vancouverois says:

      I would say “nice try”, but it isn’t, even. It’s just pathetic.

      This story has legs. I expect we’ll still be hearing about it in October.

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