02.25.2019 11:33 PM

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  1. Ian says:

    A distant fourth maybe, but about half of what the Cons got – if all of Max’s votes would have been Con, they would be ahead of the Liberals. That could hurt in other ridings.

    • Warren says:

      If Maxime had the right parts, he’d be a girl, too.

      • Ian says:

        In Scheer’s position, I’d be worried. I did not think Bernier would get 10%

        • Warren says:

          That’s ridiculous.

          • Ian says:

            Is it? I don’t see why. I had zero expectations for Bernier in Outremont. York-Simcoe, maybe some disappointment on his part. But Burnaby-South genuinely surprises me – that Bernier was seemingly able to carve off a third of what I assume is the Conservative vote. I don’t know the riding well, but I thought Bernier would get stomped there. I find that outcome troubling.

          • Ronald O'Dowd says:


            I don’t think it’s wrong to argue that a relatively strong PP can only cost the CPC seats. Protest votes in significant numbers are always dangerous for the official opposition.

            I don’t expect Bernier to get there but it’s theoretically possible.

        • Matt says:

          1) Bernier didn’t get 10%. A VERY well known local candidate got 10%.

          2) In the other 2 ridings where the PPC were running essentially on Bernier’s name recognition the PPC got 1.9% (York-Simcoe) and 2.1% (Outremont)

          • Matt says:

            Plus, we’ll see in a general if it will still be 10%. By-elections usually have less then half (sometime less than a third) of the voter turnout a general election does.

  2. Don Johnson says:

    Interesting that the Victoria Times Colonist thinks the PP result is a “bad omen” for Conservatives. Wishful thinking, I think:

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