03.20.2019 03:19 PM

Alberta NDP ad: this one is gonna leave a mark

Just brutal.


  1. Mike Jeffries says:

    Speaking to a friend from Calgary it’s like Notley doesn’t get it. It’s about jobs and the economy Rachael. And there you ain’t produced! Personal attacks just turn most people off as being done from desperation because they have nothing else.
    It’s jobs Rachael and you haven’t delivered. To say it’s not your fault doesn’t cut it.

    • Daryl Gordon says:

      Easily matched and neutralized by Notley’s own radical anti oil (Tar sands) past statements. Throw in the long list of environmental crazies she has appointed to energy positions, highlight the massive budget deficit, increased debt, numerous uncampaigned on tax hikes/regulations and its game over for the accidental premier.

      Not a moment too soon.

    • Nick M. says:

      I hear ya.

      I’ve voted NDP my whole life and despise Kenney.

      However I am voting for the best pro-business platform, as we need investor confidence (can’t beleive i am saying that.) to return to Alberta.

      It’s time to drum up the slogan “It’s the economy stupid” theme.

  2. rww says:

    @ Mike Jeffries

    Criticizing someone for political action they took is clearly not a personal attack.

    • Chris says:

      Sarah Hoffman (NDP Cabinet Member) called Conservatives “sewer rats” in the Alberta Legislature chamber. Is that a personal attack? Can we critisize her?

      The NDP are going very low much to their peril.

      “The person who auditions for the role of opposition leader will get the part…” Paul Wells’ 4th Rule of Canadian Politics

    • Mike Jeffries says:

      Have you glimpsed at the three (yes, 3) NDP websites? It is character assassination of the extreme. You can disagree with a someone’s political action but to then jump to “not fit” isn’t personal?

      In Kenney’s own words:“I guess I’m flattered,” Kenney said when asked about the new websites, before labelling them “vicious personal attacks” that employ “politics of personal destruction.”

      Are they liars when they said it would be a positive campaign? Funny that because Notley’s first campaign WAS positive focusing on optimism. Now it’s gutter politics like their fake throne speech which was divorced from the reality of Alberta’s economy.

      • Max says:

        Save your breath Mike. Its wasted on these “loyal” UPCs. The ink is not dried on their criticisms of Trudeau’s Liberals and how unethical and dishonest the Libs are and then they deem an actual video of Kenney as an attack ad! (Rigged and altered by Notley no doubt!) I wonder how they compare Kenney’s Kamikaze Kampaign with the LIberal Jusrice Committee. This is exactly why people are sooooo done with partisan. Kenney is no different than Trudeau. A career politician who never had a “real” job in his life.

        • Doug Brown says:

          Except Kenney pulls his owns strings

          • Doug,

            For better, or worse…

          • Doug Brown says:

            So true. Like Harper, Kenney can be his own worst enemy. He would have won the UCP contest without an alleged Kamikaze campaign. He should direct the cunning and nastiness towards worthy targets like the federal government, foreign funded environmental NGO’s and public sector unions. It will take lots of unpleasant decisions to turn Alberta around.

        • Mike Jeffries says:

          I’m from BC, but have good friends in Edmonton and family in Calgary. Albertans don’t care about “Kenney’s Kamikaze Kampaign”! Why? They want their previous status of a strong economy and low unemployment back. They hate the carbon tax and the NDP’s partnership with JT with his nonsensical “social justice” that Notley loves. Albertans hate that their tax money is going to Quebec whom JT panders to. Albertans know that JK WILL stand up to JT and Quebec! Albertans know JK WILL stand up to this ridiculous BC NDP gov’t blocking TM while the majority of BC people want TM.
          It has nothing to do with “partisan” but everything to do with jobs and the economy and Notley’s wasting time on personal attacks is just a distraction to her failings.

          • Mike,

            I favor pipelines and continued development. But with electric cars and all the rest are Albertans even contemplating the long-way off but nonetheless certain and inevitable transition to a non-oil & gas based economy?

  3. Gord Tulk says:

    UCP wins a minimum of 60 out of 87. More likely north of 70.

    Then the funding of the Horta that is Edmonton has to be ended.

    • The Horta was the mother to its whole species the regretted to deaths it cause in defence of its babies.

      She is also very pro-mining.

    • Miles Lunn says:

      If you look at leadership approval ratings, Kenney trails his party and Notley exceeds it so I think there is almost no chance UCP gets 70 seats and will likely get less than 60 seats. In fact I give the NDP a 20-30% chance of winning outright and I think they will get at least 25 seats and at least 35% of the popular vote probably over 40% and maybe as high as 45% while UCP will likely get under 50% possibly low 40s in worst case scenario.

      Contrary to popular opinion, Alberta is only slightly more conservative than the rest of Canada and the PCs of the past were mostly Red Tories save Ralph Klein who was quite likeable and connected personally with people in a way Kenney does not. The NDP had a rough start and no doubt low oil prices hurting them but Notley unlike her federal counterparts is a pipeline champion. Most Albertans are Canadians first and Albertans second so Ottawa bashing appeals well to older voters but not younger voters and Alberta is the youngest province. Also polls show while most want a balanced budget, most oppose service cuts and most support both higher corporate taxes and higher taxes on the wealthy. Now I agree Kenney is still favoured but I think this election will challenge a lot of people’s perceptions of Alberta. Lets remember median age is 37 in Alberta and more than half born in other provinces or outside Canada so demographics have changed substantially. Also youngest province, third most ethnically diverse, most educated, and third most urban, all things that tend to favour progressive not conservative parties.

  4. Terry Zawalski says:

    The UCP supporters who comment a lot never ever defend Kenney’s character. I guess they know best but how do they think he will ever be able to run a government when his closest henchmen have turned against him and are singing like canaries even before the election was even called. You can’t run an effective government without some loyalty.

  5. the salamander says:

    .. will have to visit the NDP web sites.. aint seen them. As for the supplied video above. Well, that’s ‘natural consequence’ – Kenney owns that. His smirking pride at f_cking over people at the time is something he’ll always wear. Much like precious Doug Ford in Ontario, Jason can’t wait to meddle.. Another pretentious ‘smartest guy in the room’ – he’ll stick his faux evangelical pious ideology bankrolled by Big Energy into ‘education’, ‘medicine’, ‘environment’, ‘resources’, ‘science & biology’, ‘agriculture’, ‘finance’, ‘seniors’.. Hell, the dubious ideology, the super glib arrogant dogma just flows from Kenney. Note the italics I added.. and keep in mind that Jason Kenney sees such Ministries as.. well, uh.. ‘ministries’ needing salvation delivered from him and his noble UCP missionaries. Albertans better get ready for 4 bitter years, re-tasting the toxic ‘situational ethics’ of such grasping opportunists & political grifters.. Hey! Maybe Tom Flanagan, Ken Boessenkool, Harper and cabin boy Ray Novak can help whip up ‘separation sympathy’, further the yellow vest clamor & silence or subdue First Nations.. The entire Alberta & BC environment is their oyster dontcha know.. But what happens when Venezuela’s even larger & higher quality tar sands come on stream, direct by dilbit supertanker, to the US Gulf Coast refineries and deep water superports for export? Supertankers carrying twice what those departing Burnaby and Salish Sea can ship? And deliver far faster & at less cost? What then Petroberta ? Riddle me that Jason !

    • Chris says:

      Those Venezuelan barrels of oil were flowing strongly to the American Gulf Coast refineries for a couple of decades before Chavez decided to nationalize the Venz oil industry and it fell apart. There was, and is, plenty of room for Alberta and Venezuela crude in these Gulf refineries that are taylored to that specific kind of heavy oil. All of this new lighter shale oil and Permian Basin oil is going to US Midwest refineries.

  6. Doug Brown says:

    This is reaching, even for an attack ad. Kenney was a 21 year old student at a traditional Catholic University in 1989. In that context, his views are nowhere as outrageous as they would be for a 51 year old with 22 years of government experience. He has handled it well by staying ahead of the story (i.e. already stated that his views have changed), although it might sway younger voters who can’t envision the social norms of 1989.

    As others have pointed out, this election is not about values or personality. It is about the economy and Kenney controls that agenda. He is being evasive about spending cuts, which may or may not be the right tact. Alberta with its country if not world leading health and education spending and public sector compensation has no choice but to downsize and decompensate.

    • the salamander says:

      .. Kenney was a 51 year old.. when he volunteered that ‘proud accomplishment’ to an audience on camera – it is what it is. At 51 he brags about it.. who the hell was his audience ? Nobody walked out ? Kenney is just as cavalier (and that’s a polite description) regarding ‘people’ and their choices or needs in his life view.. his ideological backbone if he has such a gift. His ‘christianity’ cover story is pompous posturing.. a cheap glib veneer

      • Doug Brown says:

        I’m unaware of him bragging about a 30 year old statement. Please provide evidence.

      • Mike Jeffries says:

        Look Jerry your personal attacks on Kenney reveal to me an example of hate which WK doesn’t like. It’s Christianity with a capital ‘C’ and not in quotes. Christianityphobia isn’t useful in dialog. Why the hate?

        • Not all Christians agree the discrimination against homosexuals is a Christian value. The United Church of Canada strongly supported gay rights for quite a whole.

          • mike jeffries says:

            Prejudicial treatment of different categories of people is not the way of Jesus. All of us have discriminated in our past either due to ignorance or even willfully. Yet, I believe people change so that in politics emphasis should be on current principles and policies. What happened in the past isn’t necessarily relevant but is gutter politics for which I for one have no appetite.

  7. Sgtpepper says:

    The NDP have nothing to run on, therefore we get 30 year old leaks.

    During the 1990s Liberal era the Canada’s official citizenship guide had never contained any mention of gay rights before Kenney ordered an update in 2009 to include gay rights. An updated edition now reads “Canada’s diversity includes gay and lesbian Canadians, who enjoy the full protection of and equal treatment under the law, including access to civil marriage.”

    Also, working with Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees, Kenney’s office fast-tracked more than 100 gay Iranians into Canada, saving them from possible execution.

    NDP can go pfftt themselves.

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