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Bar Associations: Justin Trudeau’s office “demeaned” the judicial process – and acted in a manner that was “false, improper and appalling”

Justin Trudeau’s PMO has made history: so intent were they on smearing Jody Wilson-Raybould, the Liberal leader and his apparatchiks violated the confidentiality of the judicial appointment process – and they smeared a respected jurist who was tending to his wife. Who had breast cancer.

It got a reaction. One that none of his predecessors ever did.

Here’s the Canadian Bar Association’s reaction:

“There is a process to get informed input about the merits of the applicants. It rightly goes on behind closed doors. Keeping the deliberations confidential respects the privacy of applicants and guards against interference. Breaching confidentiality by releasing the names and commenting on the suitability of the other applicants after the appointment demeans the selection process and ultimately all those who hold the office of judge.”

And here is the Manitoba Bar Association:

“It is vital any deliberations leading up to any appointment remain confidential. The recent breaches of confidentiality…[are] highly disconcerting. It demeans the entire selection process…The Manitoba Bar Association is also deeply concerned about comments made about Chief Justice Joyal…[which were] entirely improper and indeed false…It is appalling.”

Justin Trudeau is uniting people, alright.

Against him.


  1. Nick M. says:

    What next, medical records?

    It’s bad, not Valerie Plane bad, but close enough.

    If the PM knows that a PMO insider was responsible, he must fire them at once.

  2. Nick says:

    I am wondering if the PM is on the verge of a mental-emotional breakdown given what appears to be a panic driven self destructive attempt to stem the tide. It’s painful to watch.

    • Seb says:

      Well Nick, nothing brings me more joy, than to sit on a fence all day and watch a snake eat itself!

    • Sam Davies says:

      Would it be as painful to watch blood thirsty wolves continuously make speculative assumptions? More importantly – how many times in the day do you find yourself fantasizing about what ius going on with JT? Perhaps his dreaminess has enraptured you in ways you are not yet willing to consider?

      Believing JT orchestrated this is fanciful, but not (thus far) grounded in evidence. Given how we have seen two caucus members resign (for their own reasons), why is it not possible that another lone wolf leaked this (also, for their own reasons)?

    • Kat says:

      It’s not painful for me at all. He’s getting exactly what he deserves. I quite enjoy watching him meltdown. It will make getting rid of him easier.

    • Montréalaise says:

      He thought being PM would be fun – lots of adoring fans clamouring for selfies, international travel, gushing articles and photo-ops in the Canadian and foreign media, showing off his colourful socks to foreign leaders – and for a while, that’s what happened. He must be puzzled and dismayed, wondering where it all went wrong.

    • Walter says:

      Who would have ever thought that the least qualified PM in history would become the most incompetent PM in history.

      (apparently, 40% of Canadians did not).

  3. peetee says:

    proof? A proof is a proof!!!

  4. hugh says:

    This is further evidence that the PMO (and I am giving the benefit of the doubt to the Liberal Party in general – I have faith that there are still some with ethical roots) has decided that the gloves are off.

    That being said, I wonder what will be the tipping point which makes certain women come forward (as referenced many months ago by W.) to release their affidavits (and yes, I realize that it is their decision to make, and there will undoubtedly be ramifications- we MUST support them) to tell the true story which will shake this Trudeau “house of cards” regime at it’s very foundation.

  5. Bill Malcolm says:

    Why did JWR put in an unsolicited proposal/endorsement for an SCC justice to the PM anyway? It’s not how things are done, and as a lawyer she should have known that. The approved process is detailed on this website:


    People nominate themselves for a position as Justice on SCC, and the Independent Advisory Board gathers these applications and puts forward 3 to 5 decent prospects for the PM’s consideration. The PM then picks the Justice from the list just as Trudeau said. There’s no argument about the procedure, no “yes, buts” or “what ifs” or “what abouts”. The PM shouldn’t be receiving third party endorsements for someone to be made a Justice – which is what JWR apparently did if I’m to believe news reports.

    So why did she do it when a bit of googling and/or just phoning the PM would have established what the procedure for nomination/vetting was? Maybe Joyal applied himself to the IAB, maybe he didn’t, that’s entirely his personal business but it was his decision and his alone to make. Why is a third party involved apparently advocating for him? It’s not clear if he was even aware this advocacy was going on, and now he’s stuck having to defend himself. You blame the PM about leaks, and I wonder about why JWR apparently interfered in the first place to cause this latest controversy. It’s time for facts, not blather – the rightly aggrieved Joyal has not been served well by either side. Not at all.

    I’m getting fed up with all the leaping around going on from all sides in this whole SNC-L affair and subsequent appendices. So are my friends who wave away all the nattering as counterproductive rubbish. Obviously everyone can do what they want, and I’m no JT or Liberal apologist, never was. Nor am I a caveman Con tuned into the social mores of 1925, or a neoliberal NDP trying to follow the Blair line of “social democracy” to get a look-in at the halls of power. But I do not see that either side in the SNC-L affair and follow-ons is occupied exclusively by saintly angels either. And the punditry/advocacy involved is over the top. That’s my opinion.

    Here on ProgBlog, we have you 100% on one side because you say JT is a phoney, and Montreal Simon 100% the other side because who the hell knows for sure.

    From my life experience, nobody is ever 100% correct, so you’ll excuse me if I look at both extreme, as I see it, sides with a certain amount of home-grown scepticism. In other words, my personal BS detector went off weeks ago. Neither of you is saving me from anything; I’ve got a brain, I can read, I can reason all by my little lonesome self. I never see much reasoning applied by you pundits that makes complete sense, merely tabloid-style headlines, hard advocacy for one side or the other, and a lofty disregard for anyone who should have the mere temerity to point out something that doesn’t bolster their point-of-view.

    To me both bloggers’ gung-ho approach is quite unseemly, and I do not see where it gets us; only the blindly devoted fully agree with what’s being said on either side. Blaring foghorns both of you to my way of thinking. Living by the sea, I’ve heard them for decades in times of fog, and if you want to get some sleep, you learn to tune the sound out. Until morning when curiosity strikes once again.

    • Bill,

      I don’t dispute your argument. It appears to be correct.

      But on the other hand, I’ve seen people meet with party bag-persons to get themselves, or their spouses, named to the judiciary. I’ve also seen people lobbying cabinet ministers in the past, so in the interest of full transparency, I hope JWR will eventually respond to your comment.

    • Sam Davies says:

      Just wanted to chime and let you know his much I appreciated your well reasoned and insightful post. I’m also fed up and saddened by the perpetual polarized mudslinging in lieu of rational discourse and analysis. I really want to punch out the tremendously naive version of myself from 20 years ago who thought the internet would breed an age of intelligence.

  6. Max says:

    The Liberal MPs, spin doctors and media friends hectoring from the sidelines are so blatantly full of sh!t. “Let the Justice committee do it’s work”. Followed by “Let the Ethics Committee investigate”. Now what? “Wait for retired Liberal Cabinet Minister Anne MacLellan to provide recommendations.” Your 9 Lives are up Justin. The only question remains is how many Liberal Lemmings are in the back of that 18-wheeler going over that cliff. Except Justin won’t be hitting the bottom below – he’s got a job waiting on the Board of SNC Lavalin.

    • Chris says:

      What serious corporation would want someone with such seriously compromised tactical and strategic instincts as J Trudeau. He has limited contacts with world leaders to those who were just looking for photo-ops. He has alienated Saudi Arabia, China, and India among others. His only valuable marketable “skill” would be the advice he could give from his numerous dealings with Donald Trump.

      His post-political life should be limited to celebrity spokesperson for the Katimavik program.

  7. Ronald O'Dowd says:

  8. Seb says:

    I’m no lawyer and definitely not a judge, but when does the whole legal community step up and defend this blatant attack on the Canadian Justice System and the very roots of Democracy! God knows JWR has stood up against this massive breach, where are the rest of you?

  9. Sean says:

    Here’s a song which fits the growing scandal

    How high’s the water, Justin?
    Well it’s eight feet high and rising
    How high’s the water, Justin?
    Well it’s eight feet high and rising
    He got him a boat with a few good leaks
    To his journo friends who kiss his feet
    And it really doesn’t matter cause he’s dead meat
    How high’s the water, Justin

    How high’s the water,Justin?
    Ten feet high and rising
    How high’s the water, Justin?
    Ten feet high and rising
    Well he’s trying to fake it like he always has
    He thinks they’ll buy it if he shakes his ass
    But everyone knows he’s run out of gas
    How high’s the water, Justin?

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