03.11.2019 09:57 AM

BOOM: OECD Anti-Bribery group investigating Trudeau government


11/03/2019 – The OECD Working Group on Bribery is concerned by recent allegations of interference in the prosecution of SNC-Lavalin that are subject to proceedings in the House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights. The Canadian engineering and construction group is the subject of an ongoing prosecution into allegations of the bribery of Libyan officials to obtain a Can$ 58-million contract to restore a water pipeline.

As a Party to the Anti-Bribery Convention, Canada is fully committed to complying with the Convention, which requires prosecutorial independence in foreign bribery cases pursuant to Article 5. In addition, political factors such as a country’s national economic interest and the identity of the alleged perpetrators must not influence foreign bribery investigations and prosecutions.

The OECD Working Group, which brings together the 44 Parties to the Anti-Bribery Convention, will closely monitor Canada’s updates, and has also sent a letter to the Canadian authorities confirming its concerns and next steps in this matter.

What this means: basically, Justin Trudeau, PMO and PCO may have breached Article 5 of the Anti-Bribery Convention of 1997.

This scandal was bad already. It just got a lot worse.


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    Gord Tulk says:

    This has been decades in the making.

    Now it is becoming clear hopefully to more Canadians that supporting/excusing SNC-Lavalin’s vile conduct both overseas and at home degrades our nation’s reputation in the world.

    A maple syrup republic.

    And for every one of the alleged 9,000 jobs that are at stake should a stake be driven through the black heart of SNC-Lavalin how many more jobs and opportunities will be lost if the LPC continues to conspire with SNC-Lavalin in avoiding justice and ultimately succeeds in doing so?

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    Vancouverois says:

    This doesn’t seem to have been noticed in the news. And what about this part of the article?

    “The Federal Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commission opened an investigation into potential violation of Canada’s Conflict of Interest Act, and the Parliamentary Commons Justice Committee initiated a Parliamentary inquiry. The OECD Working Group on Bribery is encouraged by these processes, and notes that the Canadian authorities stress that they are transparent and independent. The Working Group recognises Canada’s willingness to keep it fully informed of developments in the proceedings, including at its next meeting in June 2019.”

    If they accept the claim that the Justice circus is “transparent and independent”, that doesn’t sound like they’re really paying attention at all.

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      Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Remember, hope springs eternal!

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    ABB says:

    Who is the Trudeau government’s appointee at OECD???

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    BMarcille says:

    Canada is back?

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    Des says:

    Who are the “authorities”? RCMP?

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      Des says:

      Cleared my question up on CTV News tonight. Looks like the RCMP will be (or should be) getting involved. Cue the election in mid-June prior to the Normal trial heating up. We just got a candidate (CPC) a few weeks ago. Sounds like we’re going to knock on a lot of doors quickly.

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    darren hillaby says:

    This one is a killer for sure. This could jeopardize the LPC for a decade or more, worse than Adscam.

    Interesting to see how the shamrock brigade spins this one. Probably Harper’s or Lisa’s fault.

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      Rob says:

      This is Mulroney with a paper bag of money from international gangster or Sir John A. Losing office over railway kickbacks

      I am disgusted by all politics. I literally came back to Warren’s site because of this scandal after years away, having only coming here for anti-hate group info. Because fucking Trump.

      Today I emailed my MP, the MP where I am soon moving and Trudeau. I doubt any of them read their own emails. But someone might laugh at their boss being compared to the Lion in the Wizard of Oz, and bog boss Trudeau to Oz himself, the man of all show and no substance. Now I will have to freaking campaign for anyone but the Liberal in my riding.

      I guess this is what American’s feel like. Ashamed of their government. It is for no freaking reason too. You sell out the rule of law for nothing? So criminals that deal with the scummiest people on earth with bribes and launderimg money don’t pay the consequenses? Is it for the bank too?

      Fuck these fuckers. It is worse if you act like you have values. I am a progressive, Trudeau is worse than Harper. At least Harper said who he was clearly. And shut up the Trump assholes in the Canadian Right. All Trudeau has done is sell out every single group in Canada, with no stand on anything. Demean women and minorities in his new 50/50 cabinet. Harper would be better than Trudeau. And neither party has any real leader to face this dusgusting Trudeau sell out even he rule of law for gangsters… and for nothing?

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    Ron Benn says:

    Sadly, Canada has a long history of signing treaties and the like, with no intention of actually meeting our obligations, as set out in the treaty.

    Putting aside the First Nations treaties, most of which were signed prior to Canada formally coming into being (Note to WK – I am not forgiving our trespasses, just not commenting on them specifically):
    > NATO: obligation to spend 2% of annual GDP on defence, actual Kyoto: aside from Stephan Dion naming his dog after it, no meaningful, tangible action taken
    > Paris: lots of virtue signalling, and a soon to be implemented, but ineffective by all economic tests, carbon tax, so no meaningful progress
    > Landmines: haven’t laid any in about six decades, so an easy win.

    I could go on (and on), but you get my drift.

    Talk is cheap. Action?

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    Ed Jones says:

    There is a lack of discussion about motive. What is worth risking his feminist cred, cool cred, aboriginal cred. An old story – follow the money.

    This whole scandal is about follow the money. Jobs is an excuse since their projects are sprinkled across the country, not just Quebec.

    Follow the money to getting the airports as a cash cow sold from the government to SNC and pension funds that owns a big chunk of it. Follow the trail of clerks from Sabia to Lynch to Wernick to get a DPA.


    Sweetheart cash cow and former clerks who know how to work the Ottawa system. That’s the reason for the Liberal DPA desperation.

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    Jim R says:

    Trudeau’s (mis)handling of the SNC issue:
    – Piss off women? Check
    – Piss off Indigenous people? Check
    – Piss off at least one reputable international organization? WIP

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      Jim R says:

      Admin, clearly the above is meant to be “Piss off”, not “Piss of”. If you can edit, it would be appreciated.

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    Les gunderman says:



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    Dave says:


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    Kalford says:

    Warren, since I’m not a lawyer and you are. . . . a few questions seeking your point of view.

    I read that SNC is now up on a class action suit for not telling it’s shareholders in Sept (when they first found out), that no DPA being was going to be offered.

    What is your understanding of the law regarding their obligation to shareholders in this regard?

    Also, if SNC loses this class action. . .then would you expect to see a subsequent investigation and maybe even criminal charges against all those who were complicit with SNC in withholding that information from the shareholders. . .whether they work for SNC, the government. (or both)

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      Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Yours are primarily questions for someone practising in securities law.

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    Vancouverois says:

    Hey, it looks like SNC-Lavalin already had a sweetheart deal with the Liberal government anyway, dating back to soon after they were all sworn in:


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