03.29.2019 09:49 AM

JWR’s Dad. He kicks ass.


  1. J.H. says:

    Jen Gerson referred to this last night on PnP.
    The most disgusting thing about this incident was not Trudeau’s smug snide comment. That’s about what you’d expect from a rich, entitled, trust fund kid.
    What was truly astounding was that the rich Laurentian elites of the Liberal Party showed their true colors. Usually they manage to hide their arrogance and sense of entitlement under a cloud of touchy feely platitudes. But they let the mask slip, as they laughed and cheered Trudeau’s insults to indigenous women, rightly concerned about the health of their community. That was the real Liberal Party of Canada’s movers and shakers you were seeing in action folks. God help us all!

  2. Luke says:

    I think he should be more forthright with his point of view. All this mincing of words and pussyfooting around the thrust of his thesis is making his point unclear.

  3. Igor Zinoviev says:

    It reminds me another case of Trudeau’s mockery.
    In 2016 in Commons, Jason Kenney (then CPC MP) spoke about job loss in Alberta as a consequence of Carbon tax.
    Trudeau’s answer was:”I’d like to take the opportunity to remind the member opposite that he’s actually still in Ottawa, not Alberta.”
    And the Liberals caucus members laughed, cheered, applauded.
    Of course, nobody cared then. Humiliation of a white male. Even more, Albertan. Nothing serious. Sunny Days were still on.
    Now it’s your turn to be ab object of Trudeau’s mockery.
    Enjoy it!

  4. Sam Davies says:

    What was he thinking? Using snarky words?
    Clearly the Shawinigan Handshake is the way to engage angry protestors.

  5. Sean says:

    Do Good Quietly

    If Trudeau was sincere., he would have apologized in person, to the lady he mocked, and done so in private. Instead he had to find a stage and use it to stump for himself by pretending to be apologetic. There’s an old saying: do good quietly if you want to do something for someone else. If not it’s not them that good is being done for.

  6. Fred from BC says:

    Interesting that Bill Wilson uses the term ‘indians’. He must be old school…I like him…

  7. Michael Teper says:

    The motto of the York Regional Police is “Deeds Speak”. PMJT should reflect on that.

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