03.17.2019 08:05 AM

#LavScam thread: jobs vs. justice

My responses to two thoughtful commenters over on Twitter, below. First one is a thread, the second one isn’t.


  1. Joseph says:

    Can we start a list of all the criminal acts this government wants to excuse, and with a schedule of prices?

  2. Robert White says:

    The Non-Prosecution Agreement-NPA era was ushered in via
    Late Stage Ponzi Capitalism [see Hyman Minsky] and the egregious spendthrift ways of Western governments. Debt-to-GDP excesses have forced all governance to accept rule breaking & law breaking when it comes to economic issues that may create knock-on effects that result in bankruptcy for large segments of the populations throughout the Western Banking System. In the case of Wall Street investment houses and their penchant to game all laws we are left with a culture that is less supportive of the rule of law post-Lehman 08 debacle whereby the corporate world was caught with both hands in the cookie jar whilst doing the backstroke in the public trough.

    Forget Casino Capitalism as Minsky is standard fare today with Late Stage Ponzi Capitalism run amok in 2019.

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