03.30.2019 08:08 AM

Lawyer facing disciplinary hearing for advertising in neo-Nazi rag


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    Michael Teper says:

    This might be an uphill battle for the LSO. Faed is a criminal defence attorney. So, as a matter of business strategy, he is advertising his services in a publication likely to be read by criminals. Makes sense to me. The LSO is not alleging that the content of his advertisements were racist. In fact, there’s a specific part of the Rules of Professional Conduct that prohibits lawyers from using violent or racist language or imagery in their advertisement, and the Notice of Action is silent on that point. Perhaps Mr. Faed’s advertisements were the only bits of Your Ward News that was not racist and misogynist. At any rate, this disciplinary proceeding seems to be overreaching by calling a lawyer to account not for the content of their advertisement but for its location. Will the LSO provide clarity and publish an list of forbidden publications?

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