03.09.2019 10:28 AM

Now that I have “fall off the precipice,” can I choose which watchlist I get to be on?

I suggest the “Suave and Debonair Pundits with Thick and Lustrous Hair” watchlist.


  1. Robbie Armstrong says:

    Time to put you on the #JUST Watch Me list.

  2. Fred from BC says:

    And then there’s this well known simpleton:

    ” Jean Chretien, Senior Statesman

    Okay, Jean. You know what your guy, the fellow who defines himself in the context of working in your government, is doing.

    Your choice, Jean. Either you repudiate this guy or you will be responsible if anything horribly untoward ensues this October.

    I’m not even a Liberal. Still, Jean, the only one who can rein him in is you. You gotta choose. Will it be Justin and your party and our country or this insurgent? The longer you wait to address this, the less the benefit of the doubt. You gotta either wash your hands now or.. well…
    Posted by The Mound of Sound at 9:55 PM ”

    How desperate do you have to be, to resort to something as utterly lame as this? Extremism, right OR left, must make you lose your mind…

  3. rww says:

    As much as I find Warren annoying at times and a bit egotistical I’ve never though of him as hateful.

  4. Grant says:

    He is on my watchlist…..I read him every day.

  5. William R Morrison says:

    I’ve put you on my “Liberals With Integrity” list.

  6. the real Sean says:

    best political website in Canada.

  7. PK says:

    I might not agree with you here, but you don’t belong on a watch list. The folks who belong on a watch list are the human garbage – the absolute low caliber waste of space human garbage in Calgary who harass everyday people, who are a lot better than any of them, with whisper campaigns and fake news – they belong on a watch list, not you warren.

  8. Sean says:

    Maria is off her meds.

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