, 03.20.2019 09:43 AM

The Committee to Re-Elect the Prime Minister: how to intimidate MPs, and how to get a newspaper to go along


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    Neal Ellenor says:

    Despicable, disgusting and alarming!!!!
    Actually creepy and scary.

    Have we become Socialist State,where we are all watched, monitored and scrutinized simply because we might disagree with our Governments flaws.

    Once a government is allowed to spy on its citizens and this behaviour becomes accepted and commonplace, as Canadians whats next, democracy evaporates???

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    Lou says:

    Same paper that had Daniel Dale creeping at Rob Fords home. HOME.

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    Sean says:

    Clearly a number of theses folks are psychologically disturbed, perhaps not in the sense of psychosis but certainly within the realm of some form of antisocial personality disorder.

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    the salamander says:

    .. not sure where to file this ‘story’ .. seems to fit the ‘boomerang file’ best, but nestles well into the ‘stupid burger’ & the ‘nothing burger’ file. A student of both photography & mischief knows a photo ‘shows’ clues about the shooter, not just what or whom is in the shot.

    A student of media a la McLuhan knows to weigh the ‘message’ of an actual photo as well as any accompanying note or text

    As an expert level student of all three schools, I see only a mediocre grab shot that includes Ms Wilson-Reybould. If you asked me who shot it or why, my best guess might be some fellow who felt intrigued somehow to be in the same room as a noteworthy political person. Hence the ‘nothing burger’ file.

    But oh no.. I have seen the same photo elsewhere with the scandal level captioning. Dark motives ! A cabal of powerful women.. A council of war (huh? What war? Who’s war?) Deary me, they might be having a glass of water or shots of Russian vodka! I can’t wait for the mysterious newspaper to breathlessly publish the pic plus anonymous insider or diner thought waves of the photog (who neglects to claim credit.. when it seems certain a Pulitzer award is in the offing)

    The sky did not.. & will not fall. There shalt be no Pulitzer. No law was broken. Where is the scandal ? Where is the sizzle ? Where is the photograph for that matter ? I don’t see no photograph ? I saw it elsewhere with a breathless caption..

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    Dave says:

    Lou. That was a false claim that Rob Ford officially retracted and apologized for. Daniel Dale has a letter to prove it.

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    Kinsey says:

    Hi Warren. Based on what we’ve seen lately, the acronym for Trudeau’s re-election strategy shouldn’t be the Nixonesque “CREEP (M)”, as your post title suggests.

    Rather, this strategy can best be summarized as “Gather Radiant OP-Eds En Masse” or “GROPE ‘EM”, for short.

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