03.18.2019 08:32 AM

The federal cabinet shuffle, in one tweet


  1. the salamander says:

    .. truly valid observation – questions abound though

    – Will Ms Henein request all Joyce Murray docs, emails, notes, logs are secured? Any unexplained gaps in her docs or Scott Brison’s docs will be duly questioned

    – Surely the Justice Committee and Parliamentary Investigation will request Scott Brison and Ms Murray stand by to testify re the Lavalin imbroglio – failure? As well as to testify re any subsequent ones such as The Norman Criminal Trial.. seemingly sparing Canadians the attorney/client roadblock

  2. salamander,

    First off, JC won’t go near Norman with a ten-foot-pole. They already have enough trouble trying to shut down JWR. I’ll take that back IF they let her speak again and enlarge SCP and CC post budget-day.

    • the salamander says:

      .. fair euff O’Dowd
      But Ms Henein & former Vice Admiral Norman hold the 10 foot pole. Further there are so many other Lavalin related files a shakin and a bakin.. all seemingly will draw in all the by now usual suspects.. in the various Ministries. Add Bill Morneau in too (that slippery job churn zillionaire who married well!) Add in Natural Resources! Add in Environment! Add in DFO! yes Fisheries and Oceans & do not skip Defense! Just check the Lobbying list of Lavalin to see who and what is getting the full monty.. they have their fingers in so many pies its staggering !

    • Vancouverois says:

      Evidently they won’t be going near anything, now.

  3. Martin says:

    Wernick “retiring”.

  4. Vancouverois says:

    Elizabeth May called it!

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