03.28.2019 05:18 AM

They just experience mercury poisoning differently

…even in far-away Bermuda I heard about this one. Disgusting.



  1. the salamander says:

    .. astonishing tone deaf Trudeau public implosion. Perhaps Johnny Depp can help, but to me it seems Trudeau responded or ‘seized the moment’.. or rather ‘sleazed the moment’. Not sure he ‘gets’ how badly he blew the opportunity to be gracious, understanding or informed & concerned.. but obviously he gives not a fluck re Minamata Disease and mercury poisoning. Anyone thinking the entire First Nations and their advocates & defenders missed that glib, idiotic dismissal is in fantasy land. Will await his apology & retraction.. will not hold my breath


  2. when you are at 28% in the polls you can be this arrogant. People are dying from mercury poisoning what a callous disregard for Canadians and indigenous Canadians

  3. Fred says:

    Do us all a favour and stay in Bermuda.

  4. Martin Dixon says:

    The worst part of that video were the Laurentian elite assholes cheering him on. Be nice to put some names and faces to a few of them.

    • Martin,

      You don’t necessarily have to be Laurentian Elite to exhibit no-class or no shred of empathy. But apparently it helps, in some cases.

    • Montrealaise says:

      Yes, people who can afford to spend $1.500 on a fundraising dinner laughing and cheering as our PM insults and mocks a poor woman who is worried sick about mercury poisoning her kids and others in her community. Beyond disgusting.

  5. Michael Teper says:

    Charlie Angus expressed it eloquently: Justin is a smug mean ass.

  6. Bonnie Harpe says:

    I hope all my brothers and sisters remember this come election time. No matter how many times he says, “Sorry” he can never take those words back. He is now campaigning and is travelling around Canada pretending like he cares about our people. We are smart enough to know his actions say different. Do not vote for this man who speaks with a fork tongue.

  7. Nick says:

    I am non partisan, I am disgusted by the current SNC Lavalin scandal and to I have the utmost respect for indigenous people and their ancient culture so please keep this in mind as you read the following:

    As a retired engineer and physician I have always been focused on preventing a problem (rather than throwing money at it to fix it) and getting at the root cause of a problem rather than treating the symptoms.

    From my personal experience and research the optimal diet for humans and the planet is a whole plant based diet that excludes all oils, animal flesh, dairy and fish (as recently corroborated by the 2029 EAT Lancet report)

    Two of many enlightened physicians with over 80 yrs of experience between them ( Dr Neal Barnard and Dr John Mcdougall among many many others) have repeatedly shown that such a diet can prevent and even reverse over 80% of chronic diseases with positive consequences for health, the healthcare system, the economy, the planet and the animals.

    Sadly, the Grassy Narrows situation is another example of the policies of successive governments (including this one) to support a misguided health/nutritional agenda which has inflicted unnecessary health damage on the entire Canadian population as well as the environment.

    During the recent Health Canada Food Guidelines consultation I pleaded with Health Canada to acknowledge these facts. Although they have adopted some of these ideas the government continues to subsidize the dairy and animal food industry to the tune of billions of dollars that could go to plant based and alternative energy research. Additionally no educational program has been put in place to reorient Canadians as to how important and necessary it is for all to change their dietary lifestyle.

    All this to say, the regrettable Grassy Narrows situation which has been going on since the last 50+ yrs is based on misguided beliefs that we need sea food as part of our diet.

    It is time Canadians learned the truth about the damaging and devastating effects their nutritional beliefs are having on them, the country, the economy, the planet and also the animals.

  8. Sean says:

    “We now have before us an opportunity to deliver true, meaningful and lasting reconciliation between Canada and First Nations, the Métis Nation, and Inuit peoples.”, Justin Trudeau bull shitting at the United Nations.

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