03.26.2019 08:53 AM

This morning’s #LavScam social media roundup


  1. hugh says:


    We regret to announce the death of Canadian Justice (né Rule of Law) which occurred suddenly in Ottawa on 19 March, 2019.
    Born in the UK, under the auspices of the Westminster system, the late Ms. Justice emigrated to Canada where she enjoyed a long, fascinating life.
    Although having never married, Justice was courted by a variety of suitors, and was predeceased by her siblings Moral Compass, and Public Trust (both of Ottawa); she is survived by her only child – Faint Hope (whereabouts currently unknown).
    After a courageous battle with Cover-up lasting several months, Justice met her untimely end when she was ultimately declared unfit to make her own decisions, and a euthanasia order was given by her guardians.
    At the behest of The PMO, there will be no visitation with burial in an undisclosed location at a later date.
    In lieu of flowers, complaints may be made to the RCMP or a Member of Parliament of your choice.

  2. the real Sean says:

    A normal leader in a normal caucus would expel JWR and JP without hesitation. The problem with this leader is that no one really takes JT seriously and never really did. Whereas everyone takes JWR and JP very seriously. When conflict arises within this team, it automatically causes talk of resignation because it is plainly obvious that certain members of the team are more competent than he is. If this leader expands the conflict at all and actually asserts himself in any way, resignation talk will quickly turn into Leadership Convention timelines. This is why JWR and JP are left in caucus. If they are banished, the house of cards will tumble very quickly.

  3. Daryl Gordon says:


    As Trudeau and his merry band of unethical incompetents continue to dig themselves into a deeper hole, other real economic issues are being ignored.

    The trade issues with China have as one result the ban of canola exports as well as other grains which could cost Canada’s GDP many billions of dollars and affect thousands of jobs and spin off industry. The vast majority of the hit will be in the western commodity producing provinces that for some time have been large contributers to the federal equalization formula, Quebec and the maritimes the major recipients.

    With the oil industry handcuffed by overregulation resulting from grossly imbalanced pandering to special interest groups, this major blow to agriculture is another nail in the coffin of western alienation.

    This country is on a downward spiral economically and needs a drastic change in course by leadership that makes decisions based on fiscally responsible policy first and foremost. The Trudeau led Liberals have shown to be complete failures as they bounce from one scandal to the next, just like Nero frantically fiddling while Rome burns.

  4. Steve T says:

    I agree that the country is on the precipice of serious economic hardship, and the current government doesn’t seem particularly concerned. This boils down to a few core deficiencies with JT and his crew:

    1. They are more concerned with projecting a “sensitive” image, than they are with growing the economy and helping everyday people. Save the climate! Save the downtrodden non-union workers! Save the ! Damn the cost and damn the fallout. At least I get my picture on Time magazine and the BBC!

    2. They continue to have a view that Quebec is the centre of the Canadian universe, and must be appeased at all costs. Whether it be SNC Lavalin now, or Bombardier a few years ago, or the sponsorship scandal in the 90s; there is often a Quebec element to these problems.

    3. Expanding on the above two points, there seems to be a hierarchy of “favored” industries. If it is in Quebec or Ontario, it is worth saving without question. If it is in the West, well then gee whiz, there are just so many considerations! Tough and complex factors at play!

    That said, in fairness, the canola situation really is not of Canada’s making. As much as we detest Trump, we were asked to uphold our international agreements and detain the Huawei exec. China is a flaky trading partner, and this isn’t the first time they’ve placed non-tariff barriers on canola (see the blackleg situation from a few years ago as proof).

    This is just more evidence that we need to take the economic gifts we have been handed (eg: oil & gas), which can benefit the entire country, rather than allowing them to get stymied by special interest groups. Bill C-69 is proof positive of JT’s naive view that we can have our cake and eat it too, and please everyone all of the time. Just load up on debt, and I’m sure it will all work out.

    • Daryl Gordon says:

      If Canada is committed to international cooperation on US judicial matters, why isn’t Omar Khadr ( plead guilty to the murder of a US soldier and is currently evading a civil lawsuit in the US) under detention and then extradited to the US? Instead he just yesterday received a judgement declaring his sentence complete and all restrictions lifted.
      Khadr was under conditional release the last four years enjoying a $10.5 million settlement courtesy the Canadian taxpayer. Once again, the flaws entrenched in the Canadian charter were successfully employed in the Khadr case and others like it and directly impact the Canadian economy and international reputation to our detriment.

      Maybe I’m mistaken, but I would think our balance of trade with China would dwarf that of Afghanistan and would warrant some descretionary handling of sensitive matters.

      • There are no pending charges against Khadrm. In fact the US sent him to us and they where rather determined to for him not to subject to US jurisdiction during all the years he was in US custody.

  5. Nick M. says:

    I remember the “soldiers with guns” failed attack ad from Team Paul Martin in 2006.

    This political miscalculation is worse.

  6. Mike Jeffries says:

    In Maple Ridge yesterday JT said he is glad JWR & JP are in caucus and will run in the next election. Of course, if he threw them out he knows full well he would lose those seats which he desperately needs. Yeah, he is glad, no kidding! Kick them out Justin and do the right thing. They have lost confidence in you dude. How can they then run for you? Unbelievable!

    • Mike,

      This is a scenario where he wins big with those who are little lambs in caucus by kicking them out and loses big-time with voters if he does. They’ve already figured that one out, hence demolition derby tactics, which will only blow up in their face. They don’t believe that part: maybe, just maybe, they should keep a close eye on Liberal numbers.

  7. Oscar Block says:

    My feeling is that JWR and JP are sitting back watching this play out, forcing his hand.

    Why would they do anything different, and what better approach to take than the one they are?

    my .02

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