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“[Trudeau] was yelling. He was yelling that I didn’t appreciate him, that he’s given me so much.”

That’s a female Liberal MP talking about Justin Trudeau.

The Globe and Mail just broke this incredible story. And, on International Women’s Day – on any day – it’s not a good look for the self-professed “feminist.”

I guess he could again say that we should believe women when they come forward. And then he could dismiss them. Again.

He’s done that a lot, hasn’t he?

The Globe story, here.

Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes says she was met with hostility and anger from Justin Trudeau when she told him she was leaving politics, prompting her to speak out about the Prime Minister’s behaviour.

A source with the Prime Minister’s Office who was not authorized to discuss details on the record said Mr. Trudeau was concerned that her decision would be associated with the SNC-Lavalin affair, but did not raise any concerns about race.

Ms. Caesar-Chavannes said she told him that she hoped he could one day understand the impact that political life has had on her family. She said threats to her safety have been made against her in the past.

“He was yelling. He was yelling that I didn’t appreciate him, that he’d given me so much,” Ms. Caesar-Chavannes said.

A week later after a caucus meeting, Ms. Caesar-Chavannes said she approached Mr. Trudeau to talk about their last interaction.

“I went to him, I said, ‘Look I know our last conversation wasn’t the greatest but …’ And at that point I stopped talking because I realized he was angry,” she said.

“Again, I was met with hostility. This stare-down … then him stomping out of the room without a word.”


  1. Tom Peacock says:

    When Justin Trudeau is confronted with anything other than his truth, because we all know there are realities, like in Gumby and Pokey, JT becomes irrational.

  2. Gord Tulk says:

    And we are surprised by this?

    Didn’t anybody look up his family tree?

  3. A. Gerard Butts says:

    Thank for your involvement. Canadians now recognize tha
    Trudeau is not equipped for the position he occupies.
    Trudeau and Butts have their own hidden agenda. I am disappointed Canadians could not and cannot see through
    The scam. I wish nothing but the best for you, your family and your career.

  4. They haven’t got the slightest clue how to get out of this mess. They don’t even have an inkling that it takes at least a road map. Incredible.

  5. Joseph says:

    Someone told me recently that he was the great pretender.
    I humbly disagreed.
    They asked why?
    I responded by asking “what exactly is great about him?”

  6. Nick M. says:

    I am gonna cut him some slack and say that she witnessed a spoiled brat throwing a tantrum… on several occasions.

    Can anyone do better to spin doctor this loose cannon?

  7. Rob says:

    The guy is a classic narcissist. All of his behaviour points to it. This little nugget could have come right out of the Narcissist’s Recognition Handbook.

    It’s a serious psychiatric disorder, it’s untreatable and this man is running the country.

  8. Nick says:

    This behaviour sounds much like what one expects from someone with a narcissistic personality disorder; grandiose, self absorbed, condescending, self centred. My question is is he emotionally fit to run this country?

  9. Vancouverois says:

    My God.

    This is just…

    We always knew that he made a big deal of being “feminist” in public, and saying all the right things that a “woke” feminist is supposed to.

    We’ve already seen the gaslighting (“She experienced it differently.” “She did not come to me, and I wish she had.”)

    We’ve seen the whispering campaign behind JWR’s back.

    We’ve heard about how he tried to undermine her confidence by all but forcing her to get “an outside opinion”.

    We’ve heard about how he wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.

    We’ve heard him and his defenders invoke his supposed feminist credentials. We’ve witnessed him making a big show of not saying anything directly critical of his accusers, but instead trying to discredit them indirectly with a narrative that was carefully constructed to lead people to think that *they* were crazy, or over-emotional, or unreasonable and backstabbing, or all of these.

    And now we have “He was yelling. He was yelling that I didn’t appreciate him, that he’d given me so much,”

    This is a feminist Prime Minister? No. This is a serial abuser of women.

    All of these actions are absolutely the tactics that an abuser uses in order to undermine his (or her) target, and keep that person isolated and afraid to seek help. They are textbook examples – TEXTBOOK – of how such people operate.

  10. Lyn says:

    It’s getting to the point I think this PM is a narcissistic psychotic person. It is time for Trudeau to step down!

    • Walter says:

      “getting to the point”.

      I think most people knew he was a narcissistic psychotic person when he elbowed the NDP MP in the House.

      • Vancouverois says:

        Honestly, I didn’t think that incident merited calling him “psychotic”. It looked like an instance of him posturing that went wrong, and the way the Opposition tried to make a big deal of it seemed artificial and opportunistic.

  11. Michael Teper says:

    A special gift for the Right Honourable PM on International Woman’s Day.

  12. Karl-Milton-Marx-Friedman says:

    1) Celina Caesar-Chavaness is Not a Trained Seal.
    2) Trudeau is weak on due diligence.

    – A big problem with democracy is attracting diverse talent, you have to reconcile the talent with a) partisan trained seal status i.e warm voting bodies, b) aligning attributes like gender, ethnicity and language skills (PM is selected from a pool of 7M billingual Canadians, for example), c) the candidate is a winnable riding, d) competent decision-making with sound judgement. There are about 5 people who match all the above.

    – Then you get a JWR and like buying that 9,000 jobs are at stake, you don’t press to verify the facts (not enough time!). You know, to see if this candidate might have a larger ego than her father who said she’s going to be prime minister…in 1983 and/or is SNC Lavalin’s future really at stake with a conviction?

    -Case in point, CCC literally is saying she doesn’t dig partisan politics. And without being too critical of her, it would appear she was elevated easily in part on her diversity and she didn’t calibrate the weight of her choices on her family as a result: “I hope that when we talk about changing politics, we do it from a foundation of not everybody who is outside of your red, blue, or orange structure is the enemy, and not everything within the red, blue or orange has to be exactly the way you want it to be.” – Celina Caesar-Chavannes.

    – The system hasn’t changed, Trudeau promoted within a system that is structured against voting your conscience. Selecting people based on the content of their character/judgement/warmbody yes,sir,no,sir status rather than the colour of their skin and gender delivers better “trained seals” which is what Westminster is designed for. It’s the system we have. Diversity based on attributes like skin colour or gender as the (major) determinant is a risky and flawed vetting process. No matter how noble.

    • Fred from BC says:

      “Diversity based on attributes like skin colour or gender as the (major) determinant is a risky and flawed vetting process. No matter how noble.”

      Well said. Sadly, it gets votes from people gullible enough to believe that it’s cool and progressive. Trudeau must know this, but he also knows that optics are everything in politics (which is also pretty sad in itself). As long as everything keeps going smoothly and the narrative flows uninterrupted, all is well…when it doesn’t, the ‘spin doctors’ are unleashed to repair the damage and get things flowing again.

      (hmmm…there’s plumbing metaphor here, but I won’t go there..;)

      Bottom line: Trudeau is the author of his own misfortune.

      • Vancouverois says:

        It’s very revealing that Caesar-Chavannes sensed that his first concern was “the optics of having two women of colour leaving,”

        • Fred from BC says:

          Isn’t it, though?

          Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person. I see a few of his fanboys are now declaring the “fake scandal” to be over, but I think there’s still more to come…

  13. Max says:

    Sigh (extra long pause and deep breath). You guys just don’t get it! Justin experienced it as “emotion”. Ms. Caesar-Chavennes experienced it as “hostility”. C’mon guys! How many times must it be said. TWO PEOPLE CAN EXPERIENCE THE SAME THING DIFFERENTLY. Justin will learn from this, and we will do better. But as for now, I’m off to the North West Passage to apologize for the melting ice.

    • Vancouverois says:

      You post this as though it’s some sort of refutation of the fact that Trudeau was just accused of troubling and abusive behaviour. It isn’t.

      That said: this particular controversy is pathetic example of “gotcha” politics.

  14. Anthon R says:

    Justin is a textbook narcissistic misogynist – all his mistakes are someone else’s fault, the groping, the broken promises, he is a serial liar, as seen with see his illegal vacation, groping and SNC scandals he starts with 1 lie, when caught his story continually changes

    • Vancouverois says:

      I missed a step above: the abuser getting friends, particularly *female* friends, to defend the abuser.

      That step explains this and a few other editorials over the past week…

    • Jim R says:

      Watched Heather Mallick on TV actually saying that JWR and Philpott should have “taken one for the team” so as to maintain their female presence in Cabinet. Presumably Ms Mallick doesn’t value principles and judicial independence to any large degree if she thinks that tossing these notions aside is nothing more than “taking one for the team”. Sheesh.

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