, 04.18.2019 07:10 AM

35,000 Twitter followers can’t be all wrong

…well, they can be, actually, and I continued to be mystified as to why they stick around. But they do.  So, thanks.

Kardashians, watch out!


  1. Dave Fuller says:

    I’m just here for the random hamster videos. Notice I will never use the term “Climate Barbie” when referring to cabinet ministers.

  2. Joe says:

    Is it true that Gerald Butts will be named to the Supreme Court?

    Perhaps Michael Wernick then? I hear team Trudeau is claiming solicitor-client privilege for communications between Wernick and Trudeau.

    I was going to say sarcasm off, but with team Trudeau, nothing is outside their mantle of stupidity.

  3. On Reflection 1 says:

    Obviously Warren’s take on Canadian politics is something that we (the 35,000) appreciate. However, not to be too maudlin, I’d like Warren to ruminate sometime for us about the top 5 times he realized his take on things or people was wrong!

    • Warren says:

      1. I said Clark would get defeated by Dix (ouch)
      2. I bet someone Ignatieff would beat Harper (but I did that when I was advising him, and I kind of did it for show)
      3. I trusted Olivia Chow (never do that)
      4. I thought McGuinty would get a majority the third time (we were one seat short of a majority)
      5. I thought Sheila Copps had integrity (no comment needed)

      • On Relection 1 says:

        Thanks Warren for your candor to my question!!! In my opinion honest reflection is something politicians find hard to do; hence our continued disappointment in them after they win an election.

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