04.17.2019 07:23 AM

Election Alberta 2019, in tweets


  1. Jack B says:

    Trudeau kneecapped another female leader. He has the Transmountain approval sitting on his desk for 54 day. He could have issued it and saved Notley and carved out some Liberal seats for the upcoming election. And he didn’t. Her alliance with Trudeau is what cost her because Trudeau is no friend to the west. That much is clear.

    Secretly he wants Kenny in there so he can extend his white nationalist Nazi rhetoric to another leader. Most divisive PM in Canadian history.

    • Jack,

      First the Wynne playbook didn’t work. Now, ditto for Notley’s version. Pretty good indication of coming attractions for Trudeau’s…

    • Joe says:

      I don’t care for Trudeau, but he can’t approve the pipeline until they have finished First Nations consultation. Unless you’d like another court challenge on one of the same issues the court ruled on.

      And yes I am aware there are other court challenges waiting.

    • Daryl Gordon says:

      This election was not about gender, identity or any other special interests. It was all about the economy, NDP mudslinging did not move the needle at all.

  2. Which Jason Kenney will they get? The old, or the new. And can either pass that test?

  3. Doug Brown says:

    I suspect Kenney’s first six months will be lower key than expected. He will repeal the provincial carbon tax, which at $30 currently exceeds the $20 federal backstop, and implement a hiring and budget freeze. Like Ford in Ontario, he will mitigate the federal Liberal campaign’s ability to paint Scheer as scary by keeping provincial Conservative policy out of the headlines. After November, look for major budget cuts in the two provinces.

    • The Ford government has been anything but quiet.

      First there was the fight over Toronto city council and using the notwithstanding clause. There was also things like the plan to allow the greenbelt and other environmental laws to be overridden (backed down on), the autism plan (partly backed down on), the university cuts and now the large increase to high school class sizes.

  4. Lee Hill says:

    I hope Albertans get what they need – more and better employment opportunities, continued support for education and health, and an economic plan that is genuinely sustainable and diversified (the days when the province’s lumpenbourgeosie could give their kids summer jobs in oil companies named after the family dog died around the time Tom Tompkins was still an MOR rock DJ. Big Oil is only going to look after Big Oil these days…with maybe Saudi Arabia and Russia thrown in for company.) economy. Alas, I have a sneaking suspicion that Jason Kenney will quickly revert to type. Those of us who saw the Alberta Uber Alles id in full swing during the Klein Years will know that the days of Lougheed’s Heritage Fund will seem positively Maoist if Kenney defaults to his social conservative sweet spot. More likely he will just be another GenX nihilist/populist like Boris Johnson, Jason Rees-Mogg or Nigel Farage…men of the people with very big bank accounts and a tad lite on the values front. Time will tell. Oh well, to echo the Spy list, the mitigating factor is that Alberta is far more progressive than it was in the 80s and 90s and progressives play a long game. The fire next time indeed.

  5. Miles Lunn says:

    While its Alberta, the fact Kenney tried to connect Notley to Trudeau makes a lot of sense as Trudeau is loathed in Alberta. However if Trudeau thinks this is just an Alberta problem, he might like to look at other provincial results. We now have centre-right governments at the provincial level from the Rockies to Bay of Fundy. Likewise the right is not just dominating rural areas, also winning many suburbs too. Its only your downtown cores of large urban centres going progressive so Trudeau needs to get out of that bubble and find a way to broaden his support. Appealing to the latest social justice cause will win you lots of applauses in the downtown cores where people to cycle to work, you have plenty of vegan restaurants, and yoga is popular, but out in the suburbs where you have married families with children who commute an hour to work every day and rural areas where most drive pick up trucks, it is pocket book issues that win in those areas. Chretien understood this, Trudeau much like Wynne does not.

    I think Notley would have lost no matter what as Alberta while changing still remains a centre-right province, but I think if we had a Conservative federal government or a better Liberal one, it would have not been as big a blowout as it was.

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