04.21.2019 07:57 AM

#LavScam (and other scams) spot: it’s well done


  1. Mike Jeffries says:

    But Andrew is saying that to “say no” to JT is to vote CONSERVATIVE.
    Andrew will have to convince Canadians of that. It doesn’t sound like Warren Kinsella is convinced.
    Previous Liberal voters need to do some soul searching and put principle before party loyalty if they aren’t going to like the present Liberal caucus. JT has proven to be without principle. The October election should be about principle.
    For me, Andrew’s bench has some decent potential ministers that I can support. JT’s bench has failed to stand for principle except for three women who have left.
    Other parties? I will need convincing. But I can’t vote for May… just can’t.

  2. the salamander says:

    .. with no evil intention ..
    May I point out that Andrew Scheer sounds exactly like Montreal Simon.. mirror imaged – in words – but political partisan polar opposites.. and I am a huge fan of Simon… but ..

    • Fred from BC says:

      Really? Does he make up funny little cartoon pictures of people and put devil horns and pig ears on them? And insert those cartoon balloons to make them say hurtful, hateful things? Does he call all Canadian news media “the Con Media”? Call everyone who disagrees with him loathsome, despicable, repulsive and evil? Does he call a certain someone “Wornout” or “Kinsellout” and a “Conservative shill” every chance he gets, and participate in discussions with others about how to get that someone *kicked off* the Progressive Bloggers because he dares to entertain criticisms of the sainted Justin Trudeau?

      (he failed… Scott Tribe sent him a nice email explaining how someone’s opinion of this current scandal (or “fake scandal”, as it is labelled in every one of Simon’s posts) does not necessarily make that someone a Conservative plant, sorry…)

      Does he insist on calling JWR and JP “the two Connies”, and state his firm belief that they are actually working at the direction of the evil Andrew Sheer to undermine JT and bring down the Liberal government? Does he do any of that?

      At least Andrew Scheer, like him or not (I don’t) is a grownup. Montreal Simon is a petulant child with delusions of grandeur…

  3. the real Sean says:

    Very good ad. I think the deficit stuff should be moved up first though. The JWR stuff is a bit procedural for a fast moving political ad and I don’t think Joe and Jane front porch really get it. Andrew Scheer is more prepared to become PM than any Conservative Leader in the last 100 years. This is totally his election to lose.

  4. Joe says:

    It’s obvious that Justin and team Trudeau experienced the truth differently.

  5. Joe says:

    Hey Mr Trudeau, how’s the law suit going?

  6. Gord Tulk says:

    Imagine the debates where JT still has threatened but not acted on the threat to sue…

    IMO it has been long enough now with JT not withdrawing the threat that AS should now countersunk for defamation.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      When a guy is already doing a great job of bashing himself on the head, it’s best not to join him…

    • Fred from BC says:

      “Imagine the debates where JT still has threatened but not acted on the threat to sue…”

      Oh, wow… I bet he hasn’t even thought about that (I didn’t). Good point, Gord. The debate (if Justin Trudeau is still the Liberal leader, and this is by no means guaranteed) could be really interesting with such great ammunition available.

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