04.12.2019 12:27 PM

Logan’s run

Our amazing, smart, strategic, dedicated Logan Ross is leaving us.  And we’re sad and happy at the same time.

Sad to lose her, natch.  But happy to see that she is throwing her proverbial hat in the proverbial ring – and seeking the Conservative Party nomination in the riding of Barrie-Springwater-Oro-Midonte!

Logan grew up in both North Barrie and Springwater, and knows the riding like the back of her hand.  Her folks are small business owners in the area, and Logan worked for both.  Along with excelling at Daisy, she has also helped to manager her family’s flourishing real estate biz.

Logan, I can tell you, understands politics big time.  She’s had senior leadership roles in the Office of the Leader of the Opposition and Ontario PC Party – and she’s managed a project that raised over $16 million for the provincial Tories.

She knows how to win, too.  She was a winning campaign guru in a bunch of campaigns in recent years.  And she is what we need more of in public life – smart, sensible, strategic women.  Her website is at www.loganross.ca.  We are sad to see her go – but we know she will be a Hell of an MP!


  1. From the scribe to God’s ears. Good Luck!

    We need far more young people in Ottawa, regardless of party. They tend to arrive in town with some…even though every party fails to encourage that, to put it mildly.

  2. I am a sad little man with a littler penis.

    • Brian Dundas says:

      Delete this fiction – not what I wrote at all – or I will sue. You have until noon tomorrow. This sort of defamation-stunt speaks volumes, and validates my suspicions about you and your site. Of course you won’t print this or my original message, because you are cowards, at heart. But you will read it. And you will be sued unless it comes down.

      • Brian Dundas says:

        Cheeky, you cowardly Con-leaning clowns, but the link in the lame joke name (I endured that one in grade 3 – literally – congratulations, Einsteins) still leads to my website. Delete it, or the suit is coming – and, though I may only win 50 bucks and an expired bus token, the most important thing is the light will be shone on how cowardly and thin-skinned you are. Or, on second thought, don’t delete it. Let your readers, check out my podcast on the website, focused as it is on the very kind of neo-liberal, right appeasing, good Germans who have enabled Brexit, Trump, and the rise of nationalist hate in what once was egalitarian, welcoming, western democracy!!!! Yeah. Leave it!

        • Brian Dundas says:

          Oh, and post the original comment, you cowardly, pant-pissing chicken shits! People, devotees of this nutcase and useful traveler to bigotry, the initial post is not posted on this thread. Why? Because the useful idiots on this site can’t handle decent. They have a brand to protect. Remember that when you read the rest of their musings on democracy.

  3. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    You do what you feel you have to do but don’t be surprised if Warren does the same.

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